Avica Remote Desktop

Secure, Simple & Seamless Remote Desktop Software

With exceptional performance and user-friendly design, Avica simplifies your remote access from anywhere and brings you S.S.S. level remote desktop experience.
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Unleash Your Potentiality & Creativity

Get the highlights! Avica enables seamless remote access and high-quality images.
Latency as Low as 10ms
Ultra-Fast and Highly Responsive
Frame Rate of Up to 144FPS
Just Like Working or Gaming Locally
Top-Tier 4:4:4 Color Performance
No Compression. No Color Loss.

Industry-Acknowledged Security

Avica provides end to end comprehensive AES-256 encryption and a privacy mode to prevent privacy breaches.
ISO27001 Certification
HIPAA Verified
TPN Verified
Member of iabm
Member of DPP
DPP Production Certified
DPP Broadcast Certified
Simple is the Best
Everyone can Avica! With only 3 steps to remote access to computers or mobile devices.
Step 1
Install Avica app on the devices you want to remote connect.
Step 2
Register your Avica account and log in.
Step 3
Enter remote device's Avica ID on your device and start a remote connection.

Discover Advanced Features

Feature Highlights
Feature Highlights
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Multi-to-Multi Monitor
View and work with multiple monitors from a remote computer on the local device.
Virtual Screen
Create multiple virtual screens on the remote device for aditional displays.
File Transfer
Feature a patented protocol for high-speed transfer, 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP.
External graphics tablet supported, remote responsive to pressure and levelness.
Allow simultaneous connection of up to 4 game controllers.
Privacy Mode
Block others from seeing your activities by rendering the remote device's screen black.
Productivity Booster
Productivity Booster
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Text Chat
Chat via text between devices connected remotely.
Screen Recording
Record and save remote access activities.
Voice Sync
Sync voice from the local device to the remote device.
Unattended Access
Connect to a remote device when no user is present.
Enable copy-paste for text and files.
File Drag and Drop
Transfer files through a simple drag-and-drop method.
Explore More
Explore More
Free Download
Device Lists
Add unlimited devices to the lists and manage devices in groups.
Group Monitoring
Monitor multiple remote device displays on one primary monitor.
Remotely power up offline devices in the LAN.
Remote Shutdown
Support shutting down remote controlled devices.
Remote Restart
Support rebooting remote controlled device.
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User Reviews for Avica Remote Desktop

As a school teacher specializing in animation and game design, whether remotely guiding students or working on my design projects, I find your product extremely impressive, particularly the Digitizer feature.
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