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    Blog5 Best Remote Desktop Connection Online Solutions in 2024

    5 Best Remote Desktop Connection Online Solutions in 2024

    Emily Stewart • Dec 28, 2023
    Emily StewartDec 28, 2023
    5min read

    Imagine you are a remote working employee who urgently needs to gain access to the computer of their colleague to retrieve a file or important document. However, the colleague isn’t near their system or doesn’t have access to it at that moment. So, what will you do? Waste the time till they come back around? Nope! 

    You will make use of the online remote desktop connection. What are these, and how will they help you gain access to other computer systems? Hop on below to find out.

    Part 1. What Is Remote Desktop Connection Online?

    The online remote desktop or online RDP is an internet-abled program or operating system service that allows an individual to access a computer from a different location. This means one doesn’t have to be in the presence of the computer locally to work or gain access to it, and the operations would feel just as they were using it locally.

    These web-based remote desktop software serve exceptional benefits, work as useful collaborative tools, and are useful for IT departments and other office setups. Want to know why using these remote desktop connection online programs is a great idea and which workforces make the best use of it? We have that covered for you as well.

    Part 2. Why Use Online RDP?

    There are multiple reasons why using web remote desktop software might benefit a company. Some of the top reasons are:

    Working Remotely

    Remote working has become a significant trend after the pandemic. Through these exceptional online remote control software, anyone can switch between in-office and remote working. This way, they will not have to keep backups on their work and at-home systems constantly.

    Top Security

    While connecting to another system from one computer online, we understand that the security risk will always be at the back of your mind. However, let us assure you that these online remote access tools have the latest security fixes and secure your data and information.

    Easy Access and Management

    While it allows one to work remotely, the question is how easily the remote desktop in browser provides access to another system. The answer is that the access would be effortless if you have the valid credentials to gain it.

    While any workforce or office can use web-based remote desktop software, its primary usage based on its benefits is observed in software houses, IT sectors, engineering and developing firms, and other computer-based sectors.

    Part 3. Our Picks of 5 Best Online Remote Desktop Software in 2024

    Now that you know what web-based remote desktop software is and how beneficial it can be in several sectors, we are sure you must be planning on using one. However, when searching for the best free RDP online, you must have encountered many options that might have confused you. If that is the case, then worry now. This is because we have covered the top online remote control software for you below:

    1. Avica Web App


    Avica is a modern remote desktop solution that offers user-friendly features, excellent performance, and top-notch security. Avica's remote desktop browser web application — Avica Web App is perfect for business and personal use and has various vital features. Want to know some of these key features? We have them listed below.

    Key Features

    There are several exceptional key features Avica Web App offers. Some of these are:

    • When the remote control is enabled on your Avica web app, a user can affect the ‘Quality’ to adjust the display on the screen.
    • The Avica web app also allows users to adjust their screen size using the Display function.
    • It supports remote lock screen and reboots, allowing you to remotely control the device from the web browser.
    • It also enables users to hide the desktop wallpaper during remote sessions.
    • The Avica web app provides a more cluttered-free environment compared to the desktop products, which helps increase productivity.


    • It has a simple user interface, which makes it easy to use
    • Currently supports remote access to Windows device through Avica Web App
    • Has dependable security features like end-to-end encryption, etc.


    • Compared to other programs in the market, it is relatively new. However, it serves exceptional features.

    You can also easily download Avica remote desktop client by clicking the button provided below. For more detailed information regarding Avica App downloads, please visit the official Avica download page. It is important to note that Avica ensures the safety and virus-free nature of all products available on its official website or app store. Feel confident in downloading Avica from these trusted sources.

    Free Download

    2.   Chrome Remote Desktop


    This remote access program is among the best remote desktop connection online programs. The program operates on all Android, Windows, Max, Linux iOS, and any device that supports the Chrome Browser because it comes as a Chrome extension. Apart from its easy operation on multiple software, this remote desktop web has other vital features too, like:

    Key Features

    • It helps avoid common logistical problems
    • Has a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Del and Print Screen in the Menu Options.
    • Allows to keep map configuration as long as both devices have a working keyboard.


    • Its use is 100% free
    • The program is very easy to use
    • Great Cross-Platform Compatability.


    • It lacks advanced features compared to other competitors.
    • It can be used with Google Chrome only.

    3.   Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Client


    The Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Client is yet another exceptional web remote desktop on our list. This particular RDP browser offers several vital features. Some of these are mentioned below:

    Key Features

    • It offers secure connections to data and application
    • It has a high-quality video and audio streaming
    • The program has simple connections management


    • It is relatively easy to set up
    • The program offers the same features its competitors offer in the same space.
    • It also has a high-class performance and stability


    • No centralized management
    • It is still in its infancy, and there is room for growth.

    4.   Zoho Assist (Cloud-Based Solution)


    The cloud-based Zoho Assist is undeniably a favorite of many, given how easily it provides access to any device. The service provides users with unattended access plans and specialized remote flow to streamline workflow processes. While this is great, other exceptional key features this cloud-based service provides are:

    Key Features

    • It offers remote printing
    • Has custom branding
    • It has the best security integrations


    • It has a selection of powerful tools
    • Offers competitive prices
    • Multiple screen-sharing options


    • Offers no general plan with all features
    • The free trial is minimal

    5.   RemotePC Viewer Lite


    The last on our list of the top five web remote desktop programs is the RemotePC Viewer Lite. This particular online RDP program delivers its users a class-leading remote access application through a web application on mobile and desktop computers. Apart from this working service, it also has many other great features like:

    Key Features

    • The program has easy file transfers
    • It provides users with voice chats
    • It is always on remote access
    • The service also offers remote reboot


    • The program offers a free trial
    • It is best suited for a large number of collections
    • It supports remote printing


    • It can take some time to setup
    • Limited self-help options
    • The web app doesn’t include all the features

    Part 4. How to Use the Avica Web App to Remote Access Online?

    While all the above-mentioned online RDPs are great, the one that tops the list for us happens to be Avica. If you are intrigued by this program too and want to know how to use it, then you have nothing to worry about. This is because we have a step-by-step guide on how to use the Avica web app mentioned below:

    Free Download

    • Download and install the Avica on the remote Windows device.
    • Once the download is complete, launch the Avica.
    • Now, sign up for an account. An activation email will be sent to your email account. Verify the email to activate your Avica account. After login, you can get the Avica ID and Password on the interface of the remote device.
    • Now, you can log in Avica Web App through the Avica official website or click here on the local device. Then start remote access by entering the Avica ID and Password of the remote device.



    If you have heard about remote desktop connection online and want to gain more insight into what it is and what the top programs are running, we hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know which one out of the list you inclined towards the most, and if Avica stood out to you with its exceptional features and benefits.

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