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    Blog[Updated] How to Remote Access and Control Your PC with a Phone?

    [Updated] How to Remote Access and Control Your PC with a Phone?

    Simon Brown • Dec 31, 2023
    Simon BrownDec 31, 2023
    7min read

    Sometimes, you urgently need to handle some tasks on your PC. If you are far from the work location, it might be time-consuming to travel and access the PC. Here, your phone can prove its importance in helping you access the computer remotely. Using the remote desktop app to control the PC with the phone saves time and effort.

    To get familiar with the best apps for this purpose, we have written this guide for you. Here, we have explained the ways to control the PC remotely using your phone. Further, we have also discussed five additional apps that you can use.

    Part 1. Is it Possible to Remotely Control Your PC Using Your Smartphone?

    Controlling your PC with a smartphone is possible and quite convenient, offering you flexibility and accessibility. There are many apps available to help you use a remote desktop from your phone. These tools allow you to establish a connection between your smartphone and PC, giving you complete access to your computer's screen, mouse, and keyboard.

    SSH and VNC protocols can be used for more technical work for remote access and control. This method requires configuring both your PC and phone with the appropriate tool. Furthermore, there are various third-party apps available on application stores tailored for specific use cases, such as media control or remote access to particular applications.

    Part 2. Remote Controlling Your PC or Mac Using a Phone

    Solution 1. Using Avica Remote Desktop [Free & Simple]

    If you need to control your PC with an Android phone or iPhone, Avica is the most recommended app to use. This application not only remote controls your PC/Mac but also helps you adjust a variety of settings. When you connect to your computer remotely, choose to control it with a pointer or enable the touch mode for a better experience.

    To help you track the connectivity speed, this app shows the ping value to plan your work accordingly. Users can even choose to type anything with a built-in keyboard option. To enhance the quality, they can set it to Ultra-HD, HD, or smooth, along with customized bandwidth. There is also an option to set the frame rate to up to 144FPS.

    Feel free to download Avica products by clicking the button below. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from their official website or app store.

    Free Download

    As you have assessed a brief introduction to what Avica offers, let’s focus on the steps regarding how to use this remote desktop mobile app. Follow the steps to establish a secure connection with your PC:

    Step 1: Download Avica and Log in with Credentials

    You will need to download the Avica app on your phone and install it to establish a connection with your PC. When installed, access the app, enter your "Email" and "Password," and tap the "Sign In" button. Then you will enter the main interface of the mobile app.


    Step 2: Install Avica on Your PC/Mac to Get the ID

    The next step is downloading and installing the Avica tool on your PC and signing in. Once done, note "Avica ID" and "Password" to connect remotely. Afterward, open your Avica mobile app, type the ID in the "Device ID" box, and hit the “Connect” button to securely connect with your PC/Mac. Enter your “Password” when called for.


    Step 3: Manage Settings and Start Controlling the PC/Mac

    Manage the settings such as “Quality,” “Switch Screen,” “Mouse Settings,” or “Frame Rate” as per requirements after clicking the “Tools” icon. You can even scroll through windows while clicking the respective buttons.


    Step 4: Disconnect the Phone and PC to Remove Connection

    Lastly, after you have managed all the work and don't need the connection anymore, consider disconnecting it. For this, tap the "Tools" icon in the bottom right corner. Hit the "Disconnect" option and confirm the choice by pressing the "Sure" option.

    Free Download

    Solution 2. Via Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop app is a user-friendly solution for remotely accessing and controlling your PC/Mac from the convenience of your phone. With this, it ensures secure connections through encryption that safeguards your data while remotely accessing your computer. Further, to enhance security, the app allows you to set a PIN for access and uses secure authentication methods to verify your identity.

    To remote control the PC from a phone with Chrome Remote Desktop, check the following steps:

    Step 1: Users will first need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on their web browsers to control their PC via phone. For this, access the Chrome Remote Desktop main page and choose "Remote Access" on the left side. Click the "Download" icon on the main screen and click "Add to Chrome" across the window that appears to get this extension.


    Step 2: Once done, hit the "Accept & Install" button and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Set up a name for your PC and tap on the "Next" button. Afterward, type your PIN and confirm it before pressing the "Start" button.


    Step 3: Here, you will need to access and sign in with your credentials on the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your phone. Choose your device under "Remote Devices" and wait for the connection to be established. Type your PIN and proceed to access the PC remotely.


    Part 3. The 5 More Mobile Remote Desktop Apps for Android/iOS

    While Avica and Chrome Remote Desktop offer a convenient solution for remote access on mobile devices, there are several other mobile remote desktop apps available in the market. These apps provide diverse features, compatibility, and various levels of security to meet your specific remote access needs.

    1. Microsoft Remote Desktop (Android/iOS)

    Microsoft Remote Desktop gives you the accessibility to explore and control your PC or remote servers from anywhere using your mobile phone. This app is a top pick for users looking for a safe and dependable way to manage their Windows-based computers from afar. Plus, you can connect to resources set up by your administrator, making your workflow smoother.

    Microsoft Remote Desktop sets up a secure connection to keep your data and apps safe so your sensitive information stays protected. When managing your connections and user accounts, the Connection Center has you covered with a user-friendly interface.


    2. TeamViewer (Android/iOS)

    TeamViewer is a well-known and trusted app to control PCs with a phone, letting you connect to and manage computers and servers from anywhere. It's great because it can connect to computers even if they're behind firewalls or proxy servers. TeamViewer takes security seriously by using strong encryption methods like 256-bit AES Session Encoding and 2048-bit RSA Key Exchange to keep your data safe and private.

    Plus, it's versatile, supporting two-way file transfers and handling multi-monitor setups for a complete remote desktop experience. You can even transmit sound and video in real-time to make communication smoother.


    3. Splashtop (Android/iOS)

    Splashtop isn't just your average remote control PC from a phone app; it's a reliable and user-friendly tool built to simplify remote access and control of computers and servers. It's packed with a bunch of cool features that make it a top choice for remote access. Among its standout qualities is its ability to provide exceptional visual quality. It can handle 4K resolution at a buttery-smooth 60 frames per second, all while keeping lag to a minimum.

    What really makes Splashtop special isn't just its impressive feature lineup; it's also incredibly fast and dependable. It takes security seriously, too, offering bank-grade protection for your data and privacy. This means you can use it confidently, knowing your remote access is productive and secure.


    4. RealVNC Viewer (Android/iOS)

    RealVNC Viewer is a versatile and powerful remote desktop mobile app. It offers a range of key features to enhance your remote desktop experience. You can enjoy seamless connectivity through our cloud service, allowing you to connect to computers running RealVNC Connect easily. Additionally, it lets you streamline your workflow by backing up and synchronizing your connections across all your devices when you sign in.

    Security is a top priority with RealVNC Connect, as it password-protects each computer by default. Users typically need to enter their computer login credentials for access, and all sessions are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption to ensure data privacy.


    5. LogMeIn (Android/iOS)

    LogMeIn lets you connect to remote computers with high-quality results. Offering many convenient features, this app makes your remote computing experience even better. This app even lets you save files directly to your Android device to work offline.

    Furthermore, the Remote Sound feature ensures that you stay connected by enabling you to hear remote alerts and notifications during your control sessions. You can enjoy high-definition video and sound streaming from your computer within the LogMeIn app.



    After reading this detailed guide on how to control a PC with a phone, it must have become easier for you to manage your workload while being away. We have discussed two ways to remote control your PC or Mac. Consequently, we have also provided a comprehensive overview of 5 remote desktop alternatives.

    So, if you need to work better with various features, we recommend you use Avica. This mobile remote desktop app builds the connection smoothly and offers customization options, such as quality and frame rate, for a better experience.

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