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Avica holds a strong commitment to delivering a remote desktop experience that is secure, user-friendly, and of the utmost quality.

Who We Are

Avica, founded in 2023 and headquartered in Singapore, is dedicated to offering secure, simple, and high-performing remote desktop services. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that users can effortlessly access, control, and manage their desktop and mobile devices from anywhere, at any time.

As a rising contender in the industry, our unwavering focus lies in catering to the needs and challenges of users in the modern era. With an in-depth exploration of remote technology and mastery of industry-leading patented data transmission technology, Avica is swiftly gaining recognition. We are at the forefront of an unstoppable trend, revolutionizing the accessibility of remote desktop services for everyone.

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What WeValue

Your Security is Our Top Priority

We follow the latest security standards and regulations. Your personal information and data are 100% protected with our end-to-end AES-256 encryption.

Your Expectation Shapes Our Future

We value the input of users and strive to offer them effective solutions. Our aim is to ensure that every technology and design we develop is user-friendly and caters to their needs.

Your Experience Matters

We relentlessly pursue technological innovation and constantly update our products to ensure that we provide high-quality services to our users.

Recognized by Industry and Users

Through recognition and certification from multiple industry safety associations, Avica has established itself as a trusted provider. We are relentlessly confident to offer users the highest level of security and exceptional quality services.


Avica Leadership

Krystal Chou
Product Manager
Angela Chan
Account Manager
Vikram Singh
IT Manager
Joseph Tso
Project Manager
Amelia Wilson
VP, Customer Experience
Benjamin Thompson
Product Director
Rachel Lee
Marketing Director
Rajesh Patel
Technical Director
Kenny Zau
Chief Executive Officer
Gordon Shaw
Chief Operating Officer
Jack Chou
Chief Technology Officer

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Connect Everything, Work Anywhere

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