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    BlogTop 10 Screen-Sharing Apps to Revolutionize Collaboration in 2024

    Top 10 Screen-Sharing Apps to Revolutionize Collaboration in 2024

    Emily Stewart • May 14, 2024
    Emily StewartMay 14, 2024
    9min read

    Imagine working on a presentation from home and feeling confused about a point, but you can’t send the incomplete file to the client over email. This is where screen-sharing apps come in as saviors, allowing you to share live presentations with your client. It's a collaborative and efficient way to work where you can walk them through design choices, answer questions in real time, and make edits together.

    If you have documents to be reviewed with your teammates at a far-off location, this article is worth reading as it brings the top 10 screen-sharing software. So, without further delay, read the descriptive information on the 2024 best screen-sharing platforms and begin your collaborative journey.

    Part 1. What Criteria Should You Consider for the Best Screen-Sharing App?

    For engaging online lectures, teachers strive to share their presentations, whiteboards, lesson plans, and even their entire desktops with students. Therefore, they are always looking for a valuable tool for communication that can bridge physical distances efficiently. So, this section covers some characteristics of share screen software that make the app perfect, assisting you in choosing the right app. 

    • Cross-platform Compatibility: A good screen-sharing platform must be available for all operating systems and work across multiple devices. It ensures everyone can join the online meeting sessions and share their screens whenever asked.
    • Security: When conducting business meetings and sharing sensitive information in the sessions, the primary concern arises about security. That’s why individuals must check an app’s encryption to protect data privacy and session control to prevent unauthorized access before choosing one.
    • Collaborative Features: Beyond basic screen sharing, the best platform should offer additional collaboration tools such as annotations, drawings, and chat. To enhance collaboration, one can also consider a platform's audio and video conferencing abilities.
    • Ease of Use and HD Quality: Not everyone has prior experience in screen sharing, which creates a need to select an easy-to-use screen share program handy for all meeting participants. Also, a good app must support high-definition screen sharing to ensure everyone sees details clearly on their screens. 
    • Recording and Reliability: The ability to record the screen-sharing session for later reference is considered a valuable feature of screen-share software. Plus, an app must handle stable and interruption-free screen-sharing sessions, which is crucial in smoothly conducting important meetings.

    Part 2. Unveiling the 10 Best Screen Sharing Software for 2024 - All You Must Know 

    The above section discusses the main features of a screen-sharing app that makes it easier for you to go on your explorative path. Hence, delve into this part with a comprehensive overview of the 10 best screen-sharing software and their compatibilities to pick one app that resonates with your needs.  

    1. Avica Remote Desktop

    Begin with a leading screen-sharing app for PCs that is known for its remote access and control over connected devices. Avica remote desktop software is an exclusive screen share app that is equipped with comprehensive end-to-end AES-256 encryption for security. Besides, it offers latency as low as 10ms for ultra-fast and highly responsive screen-sharing sessions.

    Apart from that, it features a patented protocol for high-speed transfer that is faster than HTTP/FTP. Avica also lets users adjust the screen resolution from smooth, HD, Ultra HD, and custom options for high-quality image and responsiveness. In collaborative remote sessions, users can even set the frame rates, color mode, and screen display using countless Avica options.   


    Compatibility: Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, Web

    Key Features 

    • File Transfer: Unlike other screen-sharing tools, Avica allows users to transfer files from one device to another in remote sessions. In this regard, they can use a dedicated file transfer feature or drag-drop the files, videos, and pictures of any file size and format across devices.  
    • Screen Recording: Avica can record the on-screen activities in the remote sessions and save them later for your absent team members. Using this feature, one can stop and pause recording anytime with a single tap to ensure only important aspects of the meeting can be captured.  
    • Device List: If you use Avica for day-to-day collaboration, remember it offers a device list management feature. Through that feature, users can create groups and organize the list of connected devices to establish upcoming remote sessions conveniently.  
    • Virtual Screens: This software has a virtual screen feature that can create multiple virtual screens on your device for additional displays. It is crucial to increase your productivity in the remote sessions and save time from switching tabs.  


    • Despite end-to-end encryption, Avica also offers a privacy mode to ensure your remote sessions remain private and confidential.
    • This software allows you to access countless collaborative features instead of just staying on screen-sharing abilities.


    • Compared to some renowned names, newer ones on the market, but it offers extensive customer support and is rapidly growing.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

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    2. Google Meet

    Google Meet is a well-known video communication service by Google, launched in 2017 as a predecessor to Google Duo. This best screen-sharing app lets you make spontaneous calls and schedule business meetings with a microphone, camera, and other interactive features. Users can initiate free one-on-one video calls for up to 24 hours and host meetings of up to 60 minutes with 100 people. 


    Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, ChromeOS, Web

    Key Features 

    • This screen-share app for PCs can add virtual backgrounds to your video presentations and apply effects to add interactive elements to conversations.
    • With Google Meet, you can make breakout rooms to initiate discussions in smaller groups, which the host can monitor efficiently with various options. 
    • Like other video conferencing apps, it lets you chat with meeting participants and react to the chat with emojis for interactivity.


    • It is integrated with Gmail, Doc, and various other apps to help you with smooth meetings.
    • Users can capture and share the meeting recordings with anyone through Google Drive.


    • Several users reported a blank presentation preview and freezing browsing while screen sharing.

    3. Zoom

    During the COVID pandemic, Zoom gained immense popularity in the realm of video communication platforms and continues to evolve, considering users' needs. It has screen-sharing capabilities that allow users to share their entire desktop screens, specifically tabs and windows, to let others see what you are explaining.


    Compatibility: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Web

    Key Features 

    • To improve global collaboration, the Zoom screen-sharing app can enable multi-language translations and captioning.
    • It has built-in collaboration tools, among which annotations and whiteboards are crucial for brainstorming ideas in group discussions.
    • Through Zoom Pro, users can access an AI companion, which can increase your team alignment and speed via AI summaries, queries, and next steps.


    • Zoom can suppress noise when you enable your microphone to speak and ensure best-in-class audio.
    • For a polished meeting outlook, it lets users turn on virtual backgrounds and hide their messy ones.


    • Users must switch to Zoom’s subscription plans to continue meetings for more than 40 minutes.

    4. Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft 365 family of products developed Microsoft Teams for group collaboration and initiate video conferencing. It’s the best screen-sharing app, which allows presenters to share their screens and annotate to clarify the concept of the audience. Moreover, presenters can share their audio and video while screen-sharing so participants can get an immersive experience by listening and viewing the speaker.


    Compatibility: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Web

    Key Features 

    • Like other apps, it offers a digital whiteboard to brainstorm content and annotating elements like laser points to draw on slides.
    • Apart from screen sharing, Teams have background effects and filters to change your background in video, create a new one, or blur the existing one.
    • During video conferencing, users can enable live captions to understand better what the speaker is trying to deliver, especially when they are non-native language speakers. 


    • For uninterrupted sessions, users have the Raise Hand feature to ask permission to speak.
    • Microsoft Teams facilitates users with screen recording and text chat features for communication.


    • All meeting members must have a stable internet connection to avoid glitches and bugs.

    5. Slack

    Slack brings communication and collaboration to one place, especially when you look for organized conversations. This screen-share program has an enterprise security approach that includes network security, server hardening, and system monitoring to ensure secure screen-sharing. It offers public and private channels through which everyone can join and benefit from the context of conversations.


    Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web

    Key Features 

    • Slack instantly connects you through audio and video calls where users collaborate effectively with a screen share option.
    • To liven up the conversations, users can access colorful backgrounds and use emoji reactions to express themselves.
    • For business upscaling, Slack Pro lets you chat and group message people outside your organization.


    • This platform offers Slack AI, which facilitates AI-powered search, summarizes conversations, and daily recaps.
    • You can deploy Slack infrastructure in your apps through APIs only if you are using its paid version.


    • The free plan of this best screen-sharing app only allows you to keep the message's history for 90 days.

    6. Join.me

    With enterprise-grade security, this screen-sharing software brings collaborative web conferencing with various features. This software lets individuals initiate encrypted virtual meetings with HD videos and crustal clear audio. It provides complete control over meetings where the host can lock the meetings and dismiss unauthorized attendees.


    Compatibility: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Web

    Key Features 

    • During the screen-sharing sessions, the host can turn on its camera to let the participants see who is speaking and sharing knowledge.
    • Join.me has various annotating tools such as pen, pointer, highlighter, spotlight, and erasers to illustrate your points.
    • Beyond screen sharing, it can customize webcam backgrounds so you can work from anywhere without worrying about the background.  


    • It provides robust meeting control that lets the presenters stop screen sharing and gives meeting guests the presenter control.
    • Through Join.me, presenters can record the whole conversation without the need for any note-takers.


    • This software shows significant glitches that disconnect the calls and freeze screen sharing.

    7. Webex App

    Webex is a complete suite of video conferencing services and is considered a leader in collaboration. It's the best screen-sharing software, which lets you schedule meetings across devices. Users can attain a customized screen-sharing experience via interactive polling and Q&A sessions during the presentations. Besides, they can access closed captions, voice optimization, and noise removal features in the meetings.


    Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Mac

    Key Features 

    • Using this software, users can co-edit documents and access meeting artifacts in the shared spaces for convenient collaboration.
    • Webex screen-sharing platform also provides access to GIFs and emojis to keep conversations light-hearted.
    • Despite screen sharing, it has a digital whiteboard like other tools to draw, write, and add stickers for the right expressions of ideas.


    • It has meeting, calling, and conference solutions for the education, health, and financial sectors.
    • Through this app, users can record screens and share files securely while messaging.


    • Compared with other online collaboration platforms, this software proves costly.

    8. LetsView

    If you need a dedicated screen share app for your PC, you should try LetsView, which is a screen-mirroring app. This cross-compatible software offers lag-free screen mirroring for hours, where users can witness high-definition screen quality. It safeguards your privacy during the sessions and allows you operations after performing security measures and adding passwords.


    Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, TV

    Key Features 

    • Apart from screen mirroring, this software allows users to control and operate the remote devices just as they are physically operating them.
    • The screen-sharing ability of LetsView allows you to present PowerPoint documents and reports on a big screen when you open them from your smartphone.
    • For screen sharing on multiple platforms, it offers SDK, which can embed the screen mirroring protocols in devices including Android/iOS and Windows/Mac/Linux.


    • LetsView provides uninterrupted usage and HD screen mirroring experience for everyone.
    • Gamers can use this software to broadcast gaming content on bigger screens and gain followers.


    • Its main interface is complex and confuses users for the first time when establishing a screen-sharing session.

    9. AirDroid Cast

    Do you want to display your project with a larger audience and feel that your laptop screen will not provide enough coverage? If so, you should try AirDrod Cast, which can cast the screen on Android TV so everyone can clearly witness your project. This screen share program can wirelessly cast your screen over a Wi-Fi, cellular, and local network.


    Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, Android TV

    Key Features 

    • If you are sharing your smartphone's screen with a laptop at a different location, you can share your device's audio to simplify the digital processes.
    • To elevate productivity, this software lets you share a maximum of 5 devices on a single monitor or display.
    • Despite offering wireless screen mirroring, this software can also connect devices via a USB cable, which allows you to share Android screens when there is no internet connection.


    • This software has a Remote Control feature that allows you to control your smartphones using your computer.
    • It prevents unauthorized access by offering scanning and digit codes to connect devices.


    • Users report that its free version didn't work well, and you need to subscribe to have a good screen mirroring experience.

    10. Skype

    The name Skype evokes nostalgia, especially for those who have their loved one living in far-off locations since their childhoods. The reason is that it's the oldest telecommunication application that facilitates video conferencing and voice calls over the Internet. It continues to evolve and has become a leading screen share app that lets people share their images, videos, and files with people across borders. 


    Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Web, Xbox, Alexa  

    Key Features

    • Apart from the dedicated screen sharing, this software facilitates you with crystal clear audio and video conferencing with individuals and groups.
    • Additionally, Skype has a recording feature that captures special moments and notes the key decisions instead of writing them separately.
    • It allows users to interact with others through smart messages where they can send emojis and mentions to grab the attention of a chat member's attention. 


    • Aside from using this app over the internet, you can reach your friends offline with affordable international calling rates.
    • This app supports Skype numbers of almost 25 countries and lets you share images, videos, and photos of up to 300MB with Skype users.


    • Skype is notorious for unreliable customer service and poor connectivity, resulting in extensive loading time.

    Part 3. Become a Pro | How to Share Your Screen Effectively with Avica?

    After reviewing the best screen-sharing software, many readers would be daunted to choose one. Therefore, let us clarify that Avica remote desktop software stands at the top because of its encryption, speed, remote access, and additional features. The following section demonstrates how to use Avica to share a PC screen with another, navigating this software as the easiest one.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Allow Remote Access from the Host Device to Gain Credentials

    Download Avica’s newer version on both devices and sign in using your credentials. Launch Avica on your host computer and move towards the "This Device" section at the main interface. There, enable "Allow Remote Access to This Device via Your Credentials" to gain the "Avica ID" and "Password" to step ahead on your local PC.  


    Step 2: Use the Credentials to Access the Screen of the Host Device

    On your local computer, place your cursor in the text box of "Remote Session" to add the "Avica ID" and hit the "Connect" button. Later, insert the "Password" and again press the "Connect" button to establish a remote connection where you can see the screen of the host device. 



    Let's conclude the discussion as you have learned about the best screen-sharing apps of all time with their key features, advantages, and disadvantages. Besides, we have provided features of a good screen-sharing platform that must prove helpful in figuring out valuable software. Yet, if you fail to infer a top-tier tool, you should try Avica remote desktop software, which is an incredible screen-sharing software.

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