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    Blog6 Simple Solutions to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Without iTunes

    6 Simple Solutions to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Without iTunes

    Simon Brown • Apr 12, 2024
    Simon BrownApr 12, 2024
    9min read

    iTunes was once a go-to method for transferring files on iPhone from PC, but gradual advancements replaced it with more user-friendly methods. It is a wired method where the needs of individuals at distinct locations from their PCs are overlooked. Besides, this method is inappropriate in remote workplace setups where transferring files from a PC to an iPhone or other devices is necessary. 

    Therefore, this guide introduces various innovative approaches to transferring files from PC to iPhone without iTunes. Upon reading, you will learn how to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes seamlessly and can choose the ultimate solution for your needs. 

    Part 1. Is There Any Way to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Without iTunes?

    Absolutely, you can transfer files from a PC to an iPhone without using the iTunes app because several apps have been launched to facilitate wireless file transfer. In this regard, you have an iCloud app or web as an option because it is accessible on every platform through Apple ID credentials. Moreover, one can use Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

    Despite that, you can use third-party applications such as Avica remote desktop software that transfers files via remote access. Hence, your query of “how to transfer files from a computer to an iPhone without iTunes” has numerous solutions, and the selection is up to you.

    Part 2. 6 Best Methods to Transfer Files from a PC to an iPhone Without iTunes

    As you know, it’s possible to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes; let’s explore some real-time methods in this section without further delay. Here, you will also become familiar with file format support and the limitations of these approaches to file transfer.

    Solution 1. Via Avica Remote Desktop

    Starting with the most reliable method, Avica is a remote desktop app that allows you to access and control devices remotely, even from thousands of miles away. Notably, it lets you share files from PC to iPhones without any file size and format limitations. Besides, it makes unlimited file transfer possible within seconds because of its patented protocol for high-speed file transfer.

    Avica is beyond a simple file-sharing app as it enables you to adjust the screen resolution, color mode, FPS, and display of the screens in a remote connection. Also, it facilitates a secure remote session with comprehensive AES-256 encryption and a privacy mode for confidential on-screen processes. Among all methods, it is the easiest and doesn’t require prior knowledge of remote access applications.

    Unlocking the Potentials of Avica Remote Desktop App: Exclusive Features

    • Device Lists: Avica aims to boost your productivity by providing you with device list management options. Using it, you can create a group, organize, and arrange the previously connected devices to access and connect with them next time quickly.
    • Privacy Mode: Despite being secure, Avica also facilitates private connection to ensure the confidentiality of your file transfer sessions. For this purpose, it has a privacy mode that renders the screen black to prevent others from seeing your on-screen activities.
    • Gamepad: Apart from file sharing, Avica also benefits remote gamers who need sessions with international players. The Gamepad allows them to control up to 4 game controllers simultaneously as if they are physically present and playing. 

    Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Without iTunes via Avica

    Avica is famous for its easier operations, which you can see in the guide below on how to access files on an iPhone from a PC without iTunes.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Allow Remote Access to the PC and Obtain Avica ID

    Launch Avica on your desktop and toggle the “Allow Remote Access to This Device via Your Credentials” option. Now, an “Avica ID” and “Password” will appear that you need to note down and move towards installing Avica on your iPhone. 


    Step 2: Establish a File Transfer Connection to Download Files on iPhone.

    Use the Avica home screen on your iPhone and look for the “Remote Connection” section. There, insert the “Avica ID," hit the "File Transfer" button, and provide the temporary password to choose the “Download Files” feature from the next screen.


    Step 3: Download Files on your iPhone and Save in the Files App

    As you choose “Download Files,” you will be navigated to the next screen to choose files from your PC remotely. Once you select files, press the “Download” button from the bottom and access the files on your iPhone. Finally, tap one and use the “Share” icon from the top-right corner to select the “Save to Files” option.


    Free Download

    Solution 2. With iCloud

    If you need a file transfer solution right on your browser, try iCloud.com, which is available on all web browsers. It supports all common formats such as JPEG, MP4, PDF, PPT, and XLS in iCloud Drive and works on real-time synchronization. Anyhow, let’s begin exploring how to transfer files from a PC to an iPhone without iTunes through the next steps.

    Step 1: Use your web browser to access the iCloud website on your PC and sign in using your iPhone’s Apple ID credentials. Once you sign in, scroll the home screen to tap the “iCloud Drive” icon or widget and enter the next screen.


    Step 2: Navigate to the top and press the "Upload" icon to bring the file from your PC. As they get uploaded, they get automatically synced, and you can open them from your iPhone's Files app.


    Solution 3. Via Chats (Viber)

    Another way to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes is instant messaging apps such as Viber, which can share media and files with your contacts. It can transfer up to 200MB of file size in compressed or original formats, such as MOV, MP4, ZIP, and other common formats. Now, let's learn how Viber works in real-time to move photos from PC to iPhone.

    Step 1: Install Viber on both your devices and set up to access its main interface. Afterward, open chat with yourself and click the “+” option from the bottom to choose files from the PC. As you choose one to use File Explorer and hit the “Open” button, it will directly share with the contact.


    Step 2: Get the same Viber account logged in on your iPhone and head to the chat where you sent the files. Load the file and touch the “Share” icon from the bottom to select the “Save to Files” option. 


    Solution 4. Via Email (Gmail)

    It’s a traditional method of transferring files where you must compose an email and include a file attachment of up to 25MB. Let’s take the example of Gmail and get guidance from the instructions below on how to access files on an iPhone from a PC without iTunes.

    Step 1: Open your Gmail account on your PC and compose an email using the “Compose” button at the top-left side. Then, insert the required information and tap the “Attach Files” option from the bottom to upload files. Once everything is set, hit the “Send” button to access the file from your iPhone.


    Step 2: Sign in with the same Gmail account on your iPhone and locate the email you sent earlier. Preview the document, touch the “Share” option from the top-right, and choose the “Save to Files” option to export the file to the iPhone.


    Solution 5. Using Cloud Services

    Cloud storage services like Dropbox are not behind in facilitating file transfer, collaboration, and backup of your crucial data. You can use Dropbox to share files with your iPhone, but remember, the free storage plan limits users to 2GB. Nevertheless, the following steps are to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes using Dropbox.

    Step 1: Access the main interface of Dropbox after signing in and click the "Upload" button, followed by the "File" option. Now, upload a file from your system using the "Open" button and switch to your iPhone.


    Step 2: From Dropbox on your iPhone, locate the synced file that you uploaded from the PC and press the “Three Dots” icon on it. Tap the “Save to Device” option and select “Save to File” from the next list to move files on your iPhone.


    Solution 6. With File Sharing App (WeTransfer)

    Apart from Cloud storage services, you can try other dedicated file-sharing applications for file transfer, such as WeTransfer. You can share up to 2GB files in its free version, where most of the features are unavailable for free users. If you are ready to transfer files through a URL, below are the instructions for how to transfer files from a computer to an iPhone without iTunes.

    Step 1: Visit the official WeTransfer site and access its online file-sending page on your PC. Next, tap the “+” icon to upload a file from your system through the “Open” button. Once the file gets uploaded, click the “Three Dots” icon and get extended options.


    Step 2: To generate a link, toggle the “Get Transfer Link” and press the “Get Started” button. You can share the link via an email or instant messaging app to receive the file on your iPhone.  


    Step 3: Download the WeTransfer app on your iPhone and tap the link you received from the PC. This way, the file will be opened on WeTransfer, where you have to press the "Save File" button followed by the "Save to Files" option.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Upon reaching the end of the solutions, let’s gain more insights on transferring files from PC to iPhone without iTunes through the frequently asked questions of 2024.

    1. Does iTunes still exist?

    Although iTunes is an old and traditional file transfer method, it’s still available on some older macOS devices and Windows PCs. Otherwise, Apple has replaced the iTunes app with Apple Music, Podcasts, movies, and books applications separately. 

    2. Can you AirDrop to a PC?

    No, it’s impossible to use AirDrop on PC because it’s an Apple-exclusive feature that comes built-in in Apple devices. To use this option, you have to enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and locate both Apple devices nearby to streamline file transfer.


    In conclusion, there are several innovative ways to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes, and this guide has demonstrated them all. Besides, some common queries are addressed to provide you with additional insights on this topic. If you need suggestions for a reliable method, it is recommended to try Avica remote desktop software because it is fast, secure, and offers numerous remote access features.


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