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    BlogHow to Remote Access from a Windows PC to a Mac

    How to Remote Access from a Windows PC to a Mac

    Simon Brown • Sep 24, 2023
    Simon BrownSep 24, 2023
    5min read

    As a businessman, most of your devices might be deployed at various places. Some of them might be in far areas, and some are in easily reachable places. If you are familiar with IT, you know how difficult it is to interconnect various kinds of devices based on different types of operating systems, like remote Mac from Windows. This can be achieved by using a reliable and secure remote desktop app.

    Remote desktop software enables you to effortlessly control your devices over an internet connection. This will help the users view and edit the document, update or uninstall the software, and change the settings no matter where their devices are. Now let us help you take a detailed look at why workforces and businesses must have a remote desktop application with them.

    Part 1. Is it Possible to Remote into a Mac from Windows?

    Yes, it is absolutely possible. By using the features and innovative technology of the remote desktop apps, you can remote control your Mac from a Windows 10/11 PC. Of course, you can also remotely control Windows from Mac. You can connect the client and host computers with each other with the help of these tools while sitting anywhere in the world. 

    Users can completely control their MacBooks with the help of these apps, but this can only happen if you have a good internet connection. This innovation allows users to perform their assigned tasks more efficiently by connecting PCs to their preferred workplace MacBooks.

    It makes it easy for the users so that their productivity is not interrupted by any unpredictable event. When the businesses implement this, their budget becomes cost-effective as well.

    Part 2. Solutions to Access a Mac from a Windows PC

    In the above-mentioned section, we have explained the query whether you can remote into Mac from Windows. Now, we will show you how you can use the remote desktop connection with the help of some tips, tricks, and steps, along with its security considerations.

    Method 1. Using Avica to Remote Access Mac from Windows [Fast & Easy]

    To manage, control, and access your MacBook from anywhere, Avica is an advanced and powerful remote desktop app. Avica boosts productivity and streamlines your business-critical processes with the help of its real-time collaboration and seamless connectivity features. The primary mission of Avica is to empower individuals and businesses to work highly, securely, and flexibly.

    It has been developed to provide filmmakers, developers, and video editors with a highly secure, easy-to-use, and reliable environment while working remotely worldwide. To let you achieve your goals, Avica's enthusiastic technology delivers comprehensive and innovative remote desktop results.

    Moreover, it can become the trusted partner of choice for businesses in every type of industry. If you want to learn how to operate this remote desktop app, let us introduce you to some of the steps on how to utilize it from Windows remote desktop to macOS:

    Feel free to download Avica products by clicking the button below. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from their official website or app store.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Setup and Install Avica on Mac and Windows

    Download the Avica on your PC and Mac. Install it by opening the downloaded Avica setup file in your applications directory. 

    Step 2: Add the ID of MacBook on Windows

    Once the installation process is completed, open up the Avica app on your Windows PC and MacBook. After that, you have to create an account and then sign into it. Then, enter the Avica ID of the MacBook that you need to connect to, and click the "Connect" button on the Windows PC.


    Step 3: Control the MacBook Remotely

    In the top toolbar of Avica, you will see many options like Resolution, Colors, FPS, Display, and a red mark to end the sharing session. Using these features, you can record, set frames per second, and use many more things while controlling the MacBook from your Windows PC.


    Free Download

    Method 2. Control Mac from Windows Using RealVNC

    RealVNC is a software trusted by 90,000+ companies and provides efficient remote access control features for its users. It can be connected with the help of (Server) VNC Server and (client) VNC Viewer application, which can exchange the data to allow the users to control the host MacBook screen remotely.

    It is available on Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and Windows PCs. Now, have a look at the detailed steps discussed below:

    Step 1: Download the free trial version of VNC Viewer on Windows and Server on MacBook from RealVNC's official website by clicking the "Download RealVNC Viewer" and "Download VNC Server" buttons to start downloading. It will start downloading automatically.


    Step 2: After downloading, install the VNC Server and VNC Viewer by opening up the RealVNC server and viewer setup files. It will ask you first to create an account. Create your account by entering your valid email address and setting your password. Sign in to the RealVNC Server and Viewer using the same account.


    Step 3: For initiating the remote session on Mac, you will see the names of devices available in your RealVNC Viewer screen below the "Address Book" section. Select the device you want to connect to, and then it will take a minute to start the connection to remote control the MacBook. 


    Step 4: Following this, you will be a Tools toolbar by taking your mouse to the top of the screen. It will enable you to use remote access features of RealVNC that range from entering full-screen mode to scaling your screen automatically, screen recording, session info, the properties, and end session option.


    2.2 Enhance the Remote Control Mac Performance

    We know that a good performance is also beneficial for any work to perform. To improve your Mac remote work performance, take a look at these tips to enhance your flexibility:

    1. Limit the devices that you are not currently operating while performing your task.
    2. Ensure the MacBook you are operating remotely has a fast internet speed.
    3. Adjust the resolution on the screen of both of the systems.
    4. Uncheck all the unnecessary features of your remote desktop app to optimize the speed.
    5. Free up some extra storage on both of your Windows and macOS devices when configuring the remote desktop session.

    2.3 Security Measures for a Secure Connection

    After the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has increased substantially. Many organizations have been negatively affected by this remote working concept. Cybersecurity has also reported that around 88% of professionals have been victims due to increased remote work. To secure your system, you need to run the updated version of your remote desktop software.

    Moreover, always keep the firmware of your operating system up to date. You can also secure your system by adding a strong password with at least 8 characters, consisting of numbers, lowercase, and uppercase letters. Furthermore, we recommend you disable the remote access feature once you finish your work to avoid unwanted remote access.


    Finally, we know that using remote access of Mac from Windows or any other device has become a considered solution when entering the world of remote access. It allows you to remotely operate the MacBook with the help of a Windows device, just as you have both in front of you.

    As you all know, there are a lot of different tools that are making the lives of people very much more manageable. Still, the best-recommended tool to make the experience for remote controlling the Mac while looking at its security and many other considerations is Avica. It has many features to transfer, edit, or customize the data efficiently and in a secure environment.

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