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    BlogHow to RDP from Your Mac to Windows?

    How to RDP from Your Mac to Windows?

    Simon Brown • Sep 25, 2023
    Simon BrownSep 25, 2023
    6min read

    In today's fast-growing and competitive world, the adaptability of online businesses is on the top. The use of remote desktop apps from Mac to Windows has not only become an option, but it has become essential. If you want to work from home due to any particular reason, and you want to access your Windows from Mac, then we have good news for you.

    You can easily do this job with the help of the Microsoft remote desktop app. It helps you access your important documents and programs directly on your Windows from your home Mac. In this article, you will discover how to set up your remote desktop Mac to PC easily.

    Part 1. Can I Utilize a Remote Desktop From Mac to Windows?

    For some people, it may seem like a science fiction movie, but for great heads, it's just a technology. You can remotely control Windows from a Mac while sitting anywhere. Of course, you can also remotely control Mac from Windows. A remote desktop is an OS technology that enables you to connect, function, or transfer files to another computer as if you are in front of it. 

    Remote desktop software proves an important tool for many employees doing work from home. Currently, small businesses are saving travel costs and virtually mobilizing across the world by providing services with the help of remote desktop. Above all, IT departments are the most frequent users of it that resolve computer-related issues remotely and enhance productivity while reducing costs.

    Part 2. How To Utilize Remote Desktop Connection on Mac for Accessing Windows PC?

    As you've familiarized yourselves with the RDP from Mac to Windows, in this section, you are going to see the steps and some tips on how you should improve your desktop performance, along with some security considerations.

    2.1 How to Set Up Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

    To connect and control a remote workstation or to share the screen with others, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is the connection that allows you to connect a compatible home or work device remotely. To use the Remote Desktop Connection on Mac, here are some of the steps that you need to follow to set up your Windows and Mac connection:

    Step 1: First, you have to enable the remote desktop by going to “Settings > System > Remote Desktop” on the Microsoft Windows host computer. Under the Remote Desktop section, enable the remote desktop toggle and click on “Confirm” to enable the Remote Desktop.


    Step 2: Following this, note down your PC name and the IP address of the network through which you have connected your system. Afterward, install and launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac App Store.


    Step 3: Press the “Add PC” button from the “PCs” tab and the name of your Windows PC in the “PC Name.” In case you are unable to connect with your Windows device, you can use the IP address to connect it to your Mac. After this, customize the other settings from the General, Display, Devices & Audio, and Folders tab and press the “Add” button to establish the connection.


    2.2 Tips for Improving the Remote Desktop Performance

    Sometimes, performance issues can pop up when the user's devices hold limited RAM or low power. So, while considering remote desktops as a necessity of the technical era, it is essential to maintain a smoother performance of that application. Let us help you with some tips to enhance remote desktop performance before you redirect to connect to a Windows remote desktop from a Mac:

    1. The first and most crucial step is to use a high-quality internet service provider with fast internet speed. You must use a Wi-Fi connection that is stable and strong. It is suggested to use Ethernet cable to improve internet stability and quality. 
    2. Running unnecessary programs in the background can slow down the process. Therefore, close maximum services, processes, or unnecessary files to get a better experience of remote desktops.
    3. Another vital tip to consider is the optimization of graphics settings. Turning off some visuals and transparency effects can help speed up the remote desktop performance. Moreover, it's important to ensure your Mac screen resolution matches the host’s screen resolution.
    4. Last but not least, you can use lightweight remote desktop software that uses fewer Mac resources and programs faster. Despite using such software, you can also use web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome by using extensions of remote desktops.

    2.3 Security Considerations While Using Remote Desktop Software

    Security consideration has become a preeminent concern these days. It is significant for every remotely accessed business because they have a susceptible amount of data, including personal files of business, network and security passwords, and employee records and salaries files. It can become a great risk for businesses if this gets leaked.

    However, there is also a great solution for this issue. While establishing the remote desktop connection on Mac, you will see a security warning message. You can secure your PC by changing the default password if you work from your office or home.

    To set up a strong password, you must choose at least 8 characters, in which you must include numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters to secure your PC.

    Part 3. Avica - Improved Operatives for Accessing Windows From Mac

    In the corporate sector, macOS is preferred to get high processing speed and privacy of essential files. A security issue arises when someone wants remote access to Windows using Mac devices. In this regard, Avica Remote Desktop software can help you to get the easiest and fastest way to connect to Windows from Mac while keeping that process end-to-end encrypted.

    Avica aims to provide a secure, user-friendly, and low-latency system to collaborate and connect anywhere. Its amazing features include group monitoring, accessibility to multiple devices at one account, clipboards to support copy and pasting, and transferring files through drag and drop. Additionally, it can support 4 gamers connected at the same time and transfer voice from Mac to Windows or vice versa,

    Simplified Instructions to Operate Windows from Mac Using Avica

    As we have mentioned some of the best features of Avica, now the question is how to set it up in macOS to access Windows. Let us guide you in detail on how to use a Mac remote desktop to connect with Windows.

    Feel free to easily download Avica software by clicking the button below. If you require additional information about Avica product downloads, please visit the dedicated Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees safety and ensures that all products acquired from their official website or app store are free from viruses. You can confidently download Avica from these trusted sources.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Download and Set up Avica Remote Desktop

    The first and basic step to run Avica on Mac is downloading this software. After downloading, sign in or make a new account on Avica. The same process of downloading goes with your Windows PC. 


    Step 2: Initiate a Remote Session

    After logging in from macOS and Windows devices, a user-friendly interface will be there. There will be written "Remote Session," and you simply have to put the remote device's "Avica ID" in the given box. Then, press the "Connect" button, and Avica will ask you to add the password of your remote device to establish the connection.


    Step 3: Operating the Features of Avica

    As you have remote desktop access to Windows from your Mac, a white header will be at the top of the screen. It will enable you to use some features of Avica that range from Resolution, Colors, FPS, and Display. Lastly, when you finish operating the remote desktop and want to end the process, there will be a red mark on the right side of the features. It will enable you to exist outside of the host's screen.


    Free Download


    As we have seen, the remote connection from Mac to Windows has become an essential part of technology for businesses. It has made everyone’s job easier while offering many different features and options, especially for the end-users. Installing new software and changing settings has become quite effective due to this system.

    Many apps can be considered for practicing remote access. However, the Avica desktop control app has an efficient and reliable remote experience to meet your needs. Moreover, it provides a wide-ranging set of features and tools to operate smoothly. For those seeking such a service, download the Avica software app today to unlock new dynamics of controlling your Windows PC or MacBook.

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