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    Blog6 Must-Know Approaches to Send Long Videos on iPhone: A How-to Guide

    6 Must-Know Approaches to Send Long Videos on iPhone: A How-to Guide

    Simon Brown • May 9, 2024
    Simon BrownMay 9, 2024
    9min read

    iPhone plays a key role in capturing events and moments due to its high-end cameras. If you have made a long after-movie of an important ceremony, and now your friends or family are asking you to share the video. In that case, posting the video on social media to make it accessible to everyone seems cumbersome, and you can’t email them due to Gmail’s 25MB limit of attachments. 

    If that’s exactly your situation, you can consult this article to learn how to send long videos on your iPhone without losing quality. Here, you will access almost 6 solutions to send large videos from one iPhone to another so your loved ones can enjoy the after-movie. 

    Part 1. Is it Possible to Send an iPhone Video That is too Long? [Without Losing Quality]

    Fortunately, yes, several ways exist to share lengthy videos across iOS devices without compromising on their quality. It's common to have long videos captured during a conference or created using iPhone's editing features. However, the issue arises when users explore how to send large videos from the iPhone while retaining their original quality.

    For this purpose, the first wireless approach that comes to mind is the Avica remote desktop app, which doesn’t impose any limitations on the transfer process. Later, one can try AirDrop, iCloud synchronization, the WeTransfer app, Gmail by zipping the video file, and other cloud storage services, but with certain restrictions.

    Part 2. 6 Top Methods to Send Larger Videos from an iPhone

    When sending videos via wireless approaches such as Avica, AirDrop, and iCloud, the quality of videos is preserved. Let’s explore their stepwise operations to send long videos from iPhone and streamline quick video transfer across iOS.

    Solution 1. Avica Remote Desktop

    The first wireless approach on how to send long videos from iPhone is Avica remote desktop software that doesn’t limit users on file size. Using it, iPhone users can share unlimited videos of any size and format where the location of devices has never been an issue. Besides, this device provides a patented protocol for high-speed transfer, which will keep the lengthy video-sending process a breeze.

    This software is also compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows, ensuring everyone can exchange lengthy videos quickly without limitations. Avica also keeps video transfers secure by offering end-to-end AES-256 comprehensive encryption.

    How Avica is an Exclusive Remote Desktop App: Prominent Features 

    • Privacy Mode: Apart from security, Avica facilitates high-end privacy for users concerned about their data confidentiality in the session. It renders the screen black and allows you to mute the remote device speakers so no one can't hear and see your on-screen activities.
    • Device List: If you have shared videos with multiple devices and it's not the last time you are sharing with them, you should manage the connected device list. In this regard, Avica allows you to create a group and organize the device so you can access them later conveniently for remote sessions.
    • Multi-monitor: It’s a fast-paced era, and from individuals to professionals, everyone needs to elevate their productivity through quicker operations. Thus, Avica offers a multi-monitor feature that allows users to view and work with multiple monitors from a local device.

    Quickest Approach to Send Lengthy Video from iPhone to PC Through Avica 

    Avica provides you with a customized space to work and collaborate with others in the remote session. In this context, it allows you to adjust the screen resolution, display, color mode, and frame rate to your desired extent. Anyhow, let’s just learn how to send large videos from iPhone to PC/Mac because Avica will soon introduce an iPhone-to-iPhone file transfer.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

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    Step 1: Access Avica Credentials to Initiate File Transfer

    Set up the latest version of Avica on your PC/Mac and enable the “Allow Remote Access to This Device via Your Credentials” option. Afterward, you will find “Avica ID” and “Password” to copy and switch to your iPhone with credentials.


    Step 2: Start a Remote File Sending Session and Gain Photos Option

    Open Avica on your iPhone, insert the "Avica ID" under the "Remote Connection," and hit the “File Transfer” button. Then, add the password and press “Confirm” if you are establishing the file transfer session for the first time.


    Step 3: Pick Videos to Share at Your Selected Place on the PC

    Once the session is initiated, move to the “Send Files” option followed by the “Photos” option to access the lengthy video on your iPhone. Now, select the lengthy video from your iPhone's Photos app and tap the "Add" option to head towards choosing a destination. Finally, remotely select a folder on your PC or MacBook to transfer the video by pressing the “Send” button. 


    Free Download

    Solution 2. Via AirDrop

    It’s a dedicated feature for Apple users that facilitates data transfer within 30 feet after enabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices. However, this technology is limited to Apple users and Windows PC users have to look into other ways of data transfer. To streamline a video transfer process, you must delve into the below guide on how to send long videos from iPhone to iPhone:

    Step 1: Unlock the screen of both your iPhone devices and place them within 30 feet distance. Then, enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop for everyone from both iDevices. Afterward, select the video from your iPhone’s Photos App and press the “Share” icon. Next, choose the “AirDrop” option from the extended list and tap the target iPhone to start the sharing process.


    Step 2: Move towards the target iDevice on which you have got the confirmation message to receive the video. Through it, hit the “Accept” option and get the video in the target iPhone's Photos app.


    Solution 3. Via iCloud

    Apple users can access their data across devices with the help of iCloud’s synchronization ability, but you have to use the same Apple ID credentials on both devices. Moreover, iOS users have to enable the sync option on both iDevices before processing, and syncing requires enough storage in iCloud. If you have enough iCloud storage, follow the instructions below to enable syncing and learn how to send big videos from your iPhone:

    Step 1: Access the "Settings" app on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID profile to choose the "iCloud" option afterward. Once you choose iCloud, hit the "Photos" option and toggle the "Sync This iPhone" option to synchronize all the media in your iPhone.


    Step 2: After synchronization, you have to access your target iPhone and log in with the same Apple ID as your source iPhone. Then, you will have to enable the iCloud Photos feature as we did in the previous step. Once you are done with this, videos from your source iPhone will start showing in the Photos app.


    Note: To transfer video from iPhone to PC, you should go to iCloud.com using your browser and sign in with the same Apple ID credentials. There, you can open the Photos app and download lengthy videos to your computer.

    Solution 4. With Cloud Service

    Typically, cloud storage services like OneDrive store, organize, and backup your important files, documents, and media. Recently, people have been using these services as a seamless file transfer approach due to their synchronization abilities. However, it requires a strong internet connection and takes a lot of time to upload a lengthy video. 

    Nevertheless, the steps below will guide you on the “How to send a long video from iPhone to iPhone” query without losing quality. This process is similar to the iPhone-to-PC video transfer, where you just need to hit the “Download” option to save in the system.

    Step 1: Download Microsoft OneDrive on both your iPhones and ensure you sign in with the same credentials. Next, reach the main interface of OneDrive on the source iPhone and navigate to the “+” option at the top-right corner. Using it, choose the “Upload” option followed by the “Photos and Videos” option at the bottom menu.


    Step 2: Now, look into the video you intend to send and tap the “Done” option from the top-right corner. As it gets uploaded, it will be synchronized on all devices, and you can locate it on the other iPhone. Therefore, browse the video on the recipient’s iPhone and tap the “Three Dots” icon next to it.

    After tapping this icon, you will have to press the “Download” option from the dropup menu to save the video on the target iDevice.


    Solution 5. Using WeTransfer

    This internet-based file transfer app is considered a dedicated platform to share lengthy media across devices through just a URL. Users can follow almost the same process to share files from an iPhone to an iPhone and computer. However, they require a third-party communication channel to share or receive the URL, such as Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.

    As such, you will not face any file size limitation problem because you send a maximum of 200GB of video with it, but it takes a long time to process lengthy videos. Anyhow, you use these instructions to learn how to send a large iPhone video to another iPhone using this method:

    Step 1: Sign in to the WeTransfer app after installing it from the App Store and use the “+(Add)” option from the bottom-left corner. Then, press the “Upload Files” button from the sender’s iPhone and choose the “Photos & Video Library” option.


    Step 2: Pick the required videos and hit the "Add" option, followed by the "Transfer" button to let the app generate a transfer link. When the link is generated, tap the "Share" button to transfer the link to the target iPhone via email, WhatsApp, or any other preferred mode.


    Step 3: After receiving the video link on the target iDevice, open it and press the “Save Files” button to decide where to save the video on your iPhone. From the extended list, select “Save Video” to download it in the Photos app and pick “Save to Files” to export it into the Files app.


    Solution 6. Via Email (with ZIP)

    If you want to share lengthy professional videos with other office colleagues, you can use email services such as Gmail, where compressing videos before sharing can preserve the quality. Thus, count on the steps given steps, illustrating how to send large videos to an iPhone by converting them into ZIP files but within the 25MB limit of attachments.

    Step 1: Move your iPhone’s video to the Files app by selecting them and tapping the “Save to Files” option, which appears after choosing the “Share” icon at the bottom-left side.


    Step 2: Afterward, access the Files app, select those videos, and press the “Three Dots” icon at the bottom-right corner. From the next extended list, select the “Compress” option, and your videos will be compressed into a ZIP file.


    Step 3: Select the ZIP file and hit the “Share” icon from the bottom-left side to obtain the sharing options. Now, tap the “Gmail” app and insert the receiver’s address and other required information. Then, press the “Send” icon to share the ZIP file with high-quality videos with another iPhone user.


    Step 4: The recipient has to locate the email to open the attachment, press the “Share” icon, and choose the “Save to File” option. Finally, the videos are transferred to your iPhone’s File app, and you can use them anywhere you require.


    Note: You can repeat the same process when sharing lengthy videos from an iPhone to a computer. However, you have to hover your cursor over the ZIP files in your PC’s Gmail and directly save the file via the “Download” option.

    Part 3. [Compare & Analyze] Select the Best Way to Share a Long Video on iPhone

    After exploring several effective ways to send large videos from an iPhone, it’s common to get confused about carefully selecting a top-tier platform. In this regard, you can get assistance from the table given, comparing the file-sending methods based on several aspects.




    File Size


    Ease of Use

    Avica Remote Desktop

    High-speed Transfer, 100 Times Faster than HTTP/FTP

    End-to-end AES-256 Encryption

    Unlimited File Size Without Any Format Restrictions

    All Devices



    Depends on File Size


    No Limit (Disconnection Issues While Sending Large Video Files)

    Only for Apple Devices



    Synchronization Takes Time


    No Limit

    Built-in Feature for Apple Users Along with Web Browser Access for non-Apple Users


    Cloud Storage (OneDrive)

    Moderate over Wi-Fi

    Moderately Secure


    All Devices


    Email (Gmail-ZIP)

    Depends over Internet

    Dependent on Third-Party Servers


    All Devices

    Lengthy Procedure


    Let’s wrap up the discussion as this guide covers stepwise instructions on the most asked query: how to send a long iPhone video without losing quality. Besides, you might have found a suitable solution that fits your needs with the help of the tabular comparison. If you haven't found one, you should use the Avica remote desktop app that doesn't impose restrictions and streamlines a secure, fastest, and limitless file transfer.

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