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File Transfer

Update time: 2023-12-18 10:27:53

Video Tutorial:

Avica offers a variety of options to transfer files between local and remote devices.

File transfer via copy & paste

Avica provides the ability to synchronize the clipboards between the local and remote endpoints which can apply to texts and files.

This feature is offered through all major platforms' "copy & paste" functions. There are currently two supported methods of doing so using Avica:

Using hotkeys - For example:

  1. Selecting one or more files on the remote endpoint,
  2. using the shortcut CTRL+C to copy the files,
  3. opening a folder on the local endpoint,
  4. using the shortcut CTRL+V to transfer the files to the local endpoint

Using the context menu - For example:

  1. Selecting one or more files on the local endpoint,
  2. right-clicking the selected files and selecting "Copy" to copy the files,
  3. opening a folder on the remote endpoint,
  4. right-clicking an empty area in the folder and selecting "Paste" to transfer the files to the local endpoint.

File transfer via drag and drop

Drag and drop is a method of moving or copying a file or several files using the mouse between the local and remote endpoint.

File transfer via dedicated file manager

  1. Open Avica, and find the device that needs remote file transfer in Recent Sessions.
  2. Click the "More" button next to the device in the list and choose "File Transfer".


  3. Use the file manager interface to transfer files.



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