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    BlogMaking the Right Choice: Windows 11 Home vs Pro Explained

    Making the Right Choice: Windows 11 Home vs Pro Explained

    Emily Stewart • Dec 19, 2023
    Emily StewartDec 19, 2023
    5min read

    Microsoft introduced Windows 11 with several new features and an updated interface. Additionally, users also have the option to select from different versions of Windows 11. Each version addresses specific categories of users, offering particular features and functionalities. If you're wondering whether to choose between Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro, this is the right place to find your answer.

    The article discusses the key differences between Windows 11 Home and Pro and their various aspects. Whether you are a casual user or a business professional, exploring these attributes will help you make an informed decision.


    Part 1. Windows 11 Home vs Pro: Which Edition Offers More?

    The two primary editions of Windows 11 Home and Pro, are equipped with diverse features and functionalities. Also, they are tailored to different user preferences and needs. In this part, we'll explore the Windows 11 Home vs Professional debate, including their security measures, management tools, and more.

    1.1 Features

    First, let’s put some light on the features offered by each version. We have made this description easy for you by comparing the difference between Windows 11 Home and Professional in the tabular format below:


    Windows 11 Home

    Windows 11 Pro

    Remote Desktop



    Security Protocol






    Management Tools



    Group Policy Management



    Enterprise Data Protection



    Windows Autopilot



    Remote Server Administration Tools












    Assigned Access



    Tips: Enable Remote Desktop on Windows 11 Home

    If you choose the Windows 11 Home version, the remote desktop feature won't be available on Windows 11 Home, as we have shown earlier. However, you need not worry since you can try third-party software that enable you to utilize the remote desktop feature on the Windows 11 Home version. Avica Remote Desktop software allows you to work anywhere and connect with any desktop to use its features.

    Furthermore, Avica optimizes remote session speed, which helps in multitasking processes. Its group monitoring feature allows control of multiple remote devices using a single primary monitor. Offering a multitude of features, it has implemented the perfect use of a clipboard through which you can copy and paste files between different remote devices.

    Highlighting Features of Avica Remote Desktop

    • Effortless Navigation: Any user without any background in the tech world can run this software and remotely control their devices.
    • Fast Transfer: Avica can transfer files among different screens within a matter of a few seconds, avoiding wasting time as it features a patented protocol.
    • Privacy Mode: While managing the remote desktop, users can use the privacy mode feature to black out the screen entirely and perform tasks in privacy.
    • Low Latency: This software can also support your Android device in the presence of weak bandwidth or network restriction circumstances

    Instructional Guide to Enable Remote Desktop on Windows 11 Home

    Feel free to easily download Avica software by clicking the button below. If you require additional information about Avica product downloads, please visit the dedicated Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees safety and ensures that all products acquired from their official website or app store are free from viruses. You can confidently download Avica from these trusted sources.

    Free Download

    Let’s discuss how you can operate this software to get the remote desktop on Windows 11 Home:

    Step 1: Install and Activate the Avica on Your Computer

    Firstly, you will have to install and launch Avica on both of your computers. Then, you need to proceed by signing in using your Avica account. To sign in, type your “Email,” “Password,” and hit the “Sign In” button. This will grant you access to Avica's interface to establish a remote connection.


    Step 2: Enter the Avica ID of the Remote Device for Connection

    Next, acquire the "Avica ID" and "Password" for the targeted device you want to control remotely. Also, you need to activate remote access by toggling the "Allow remote access to this device via your credentials" switch. Then navigate to the "Remote Session" section, enter the "Avica ID," and click the "Connect" button to initiate the remote session. After that, you will be asked to enter the "Password." 


    Step 3: Start the Remote Connection

    Finally, the connection will be established, and you can control the remote desktop as per needs.


    Free Download

    1.2 Security

    Both editions, Win 11 Home vs Pro, incorporate Microsoft's latest security advancements. They feature Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Firewall, which secure devices and data against malware and unauthorized access. Moreover, both editions offer “Windows Hello” for biometric authentication. Also, facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN-based security measures are supported.

    Specifically, Windows 11 Home provides “Device Encryption,” a limited version of BitLocker that encrypts the entire system without the advanced management tools available in BitLocker. On the other hand, Windows 11 Pro includes BitLocker, which enables full device encryption to protect files from unauthorized access. BitLocker allows encryption for system drives as well as external storage.


    1.3 Hardware Support

    While thinking about Windows 11 versus Windows 11 Pro in terms of hardware support, both editions of the OS accommodate many components. However, the Pro edition stands out because it can handle a broader range of processing cores, memory, and server-grade hardware. For instance, Windows 11 Home supports a maximum of 128GB of RAM, while the Pro elevates this support to 2TB of RAM.

    Additionally, the Pro edition is designed to handle up to 128 processing cores and supports up to two processors, whereas the Home edition is limited to one processor with a maximum of 64 cores. Despite the notable differences in hardware support, Windows 11 Home provides sufficient capability for the majority of professional applications, which meets the demands of most users.


    1.4 Gaming

    For gaming purposes, both editions have sufficient features as they provide the latest technologies. These features include supporting the latest DirectX 12 Ultimate version and 4K gaming capabilities. Also, both versions provide access to the Microsoft Store for gaming titles and offer Xbox Game Pass for subscription-based gaming.

    Windows 11 Pro has gaming capabilities similar to the Windows 11 Home version. However, the Pro version comes with additional business-oriented features and lacks exclusive gaming enhancements. That means Windows 11 Pro can be set up properly for a gaming computer. Moreover, you can update the hardware requirements according to your gaming preferences.


    1.5 Price

    Suppose we talk about the Windows 11 Pro version, which usually costs more than the Home version. The reason behind this mainly lies in its inclusion of extra business-oriented features. Moreover, the security features in the "Pro" version are improved, along with the advanced management tools. Windows 11 Pro has a price of $199.99 in the market.

    Windows 11 Home is available generally at a lower price compared to Windows 11 Pro. That's because the "Home" edition addresses home users, students, and individuals looking for necessary computing capabilities. The retail price for Windows 11 Home is $139.00. For users with the Home edition, upgrading to Pro is possible for an additional $99.99.

    In most cases, users receive a new Windows 11 license at no additional charge when purchasing a new computer. You can purchase through the Microsoft Store or various online retailers such as Amazon and other reputable platforms to acquire these products.

    Part 2. Which Windows 11 License is Better: Home or Pro?

    We have explored the differences between Windows 11 Pro and Home. Now, the question arises: which version should you get? This can vary depending on your needs and priorities. We have made this decision-making process easy by further breaking down the topic. Let's see which version is better if it is being used for personal, business, or educational requirements:

    2.1 For Personal Use

    Windows 11 Home provides various features that fulfill everyday computing requirements for most personal users. However, if remote desktop access is an important requirement, which is not available in Windows Home by default, you can employ third-party software, and Avica Remote Desktop comes highly recommended here.

    Avica presents a secure and user-friendly solution to fill this gap. Moreover, it facilitates remote access to your Home version-based system. It means you don’t need to go for Windows 11 Pro and spend additional costs; rather, start using the Avica Remote Desktop tool.

    2.2 For Business and Enterprise

    Windows 11 Pro is often the preferred choice in corporate or enterprise settings. Its added features, such as BitLocker encryption, enhanced security protocols, and Group Policy management, make it more suitable for organizational requirements. The advanced security measures and management tools in the “Pro” version offer superior control and security. It enables efficient management of multiple systems within this kind of environment.

    2.3 For Educational Institutions

    Educational institutions can find Windows 11 Pro advantageous due to its advanced security features, compatibility with management tools, and built-in RDP support. These functionalities enable better administration and security control, simplifying the secure management of multiple devices. However, the selection ultimately depends on the educational institution's specific needs and financial constraints.


    To conclude, the Windows 11 Home vs Professional debate isn't that complex. Each version has its benefits and features according to user preferences. However, the "Home" version does not include the remote desktop feature, which can be compensated by using Avica Remote Desktop. The software can be used for multiple other features and provides users with a secure platform to connect various other remote devices.

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