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    BlogOur Picks of 5 Best Open Source TeamViewer Alternatives in 2024

    Our Picks of 5 Best Open Source TeamViewer Alternatives in 2024

    Emily Stewart • Dec 22, 2023
    Emily StewartDec 22, 2023
    5min read

    After the pandemic, remote working has gained a lot of success. A lot of businesses and companies are allowing their workers to work remotely. The sudden surge in remote use of computers and other devices has also increased the demand for remote desktop software.

    Among all the fantastic options that are present in the market, TeamViewer is something that is the favorite of the users. There are a lot of different functionalities that are present in this software, such as screen sharing, video calling, file sharing, and many others.

    However, this software can be out of budget for a few people, so here we have compiled a list of open-source TeamViewer alternatives that you can use.

    So, let's examine the article and all these open-source TeamViewer alternatives.

    Part 1. Why Search for Open Source TeamViewer Alternatives?

    You might wonder why someone would want to search for the TeamViewer alternative open source. TeamViewer is a very resourceful application that is packed with a lot of different tools. Even though TeamViewer helps with many things and makes it very easy, the Remote Desktop feature also has other collaboration features that can be accessed easily.

    TeamViewer is an expensive platform, but other than that, in recent updates, it has been lagging a lot. You also need an expensive monthly license for the app to work correctly. Furthermore, the relaying commands, such as CRTL Tab and Ctrl + Alt + Delete, which are very important, have been lagging a lot.

    Because of all these problems, people are now trying to find better options, and it is seen that there are many options that are TeamViewer equivalent open source.

    Part 2. The 5 Best Open Source Alternatives to TeamViewer (2024)

    Now, we come to the central part, which is finding the best TeamViewer open source alternatives. No worries if you are tired of searching for the best and every list has disappointed you. Below are the 5 best open-source alternatives to TeamViewer that you can use to make remote working easy for you.

    1. DWService


    When it comes to the best open source TeamViewer, alternative DWService is the best option for you. They have powerful modules that help you connect with the computers remotely and work smoothly. This software also has a file-sharing feature that makes it easy for users to perform all their duties efficiently.


    When it comes to the operating systems, DWService works with all the systems. Whether you have Windows, Mac, Linux, or Raspberry, this software will work with all the systems making it ideal for the clients.

    Key Features:

    • There is a feature for uploading and downloading the documents and files.
    • The SHELL system is also present.
    • Text editing feature that is made for viewing and editing the files.
    • Log watch for displaying the files.
    • Control the remote keyboard and cursor for your PCs


    • The interface is very clean and easy to use.
    • The responsiveness of the remote screen is also excellent.
    • Clipboard transfer option is also present and can be very helpful.
    • Very fast and easy to install.


    • There is no option to send the Windows Key.

    2. Remmina


    Another remote desktop TeamViewer equivalent open source application. This supports the RDP connections magnificently and also has many other unique features. Through this software, you can also make and maintain connection profiles easily and group-wise. Another great thing about it is that there are 67 languages and also have 50 plus distributions.


    You can use this TeamViewer open source software for Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems.

    Key Features:

    • Auto-scroll step size is present.
    • The serial port's permissive modes are present.
    • Repeater and Plugin characters are also present.
    • Toggle keyboard options are also found on this software.
    • The remote desktops are scrollable and scalable.


    • There is no need to use a VPN while using this website.
    • The interface is straightforward and can be used by beginners as well.
    • You can even manage the connection manually on this software.


    • There are a lot of different servers that are missing in this case.

    3. X2Go


    If you are trying to find a TeamViewer alternative open source that will allow you to use the system's graphical interface, then this application is for you. The best thing about this system is that it can work amazingly, even on the lowest internet bandwidth.


    When it comes to compatibility, this software can be used with Unix and Linux devices.

    Key Features:

    • It is very easy to connect with the devices.
    • The sound support is also available.
    • Multiple users can access the software at a time.
    • File sharing option is also present.
    • SSH proxy support is also present here.


    • The layout and the desktop are very user-friendly.
    • Customer support service is also excellent.
    • A speedy internet connection is not essential.


    • It might start lagging if the version is not updated.

    4. UltraVNC


    When it comes to finding a Remote Desktop that has a user-friendly interface and is also professional enough to work for business. UltraVNC is the perfect open-source alternative to TeamViewer that will work perfectly for controlling any device connected to your keyboard and mouse.


    When it comes to compatibility, this software works perfectly with Windows and Linux devices.

    Key Features:

    • There is an encryption plugin for security.
    • Multiple authentication methods are available.
    • Chat functionality.
    • Feature to send the file.
    • There are customizing options also available that are used for connecting to a client's IP address.


    • Figuring out the interface is pretty simple.
    • File sharing is password-protected for security purposes.
    • Very easy to install and use.


    • The screen updates are very slow.
    • There are a lot of bugs and glitches in this software.

    5. Remotely


    Another reliable option when it comes to open source TeamViewer alternatives is Remotely. This software supports portable file sharing and even helps remote scripting. This application also helps with faster access to remote computers, making the work easy and simple.


    You can easily use this software if you have Windows and Linux devices.

    Key Features:

    • Browser clients and open source servers are available.
    • WebRTC encryptions are found in this software. 
    • The reverse connection can be done as well.
    • There is a dashboard that is used for generating the preconfigured binaries.


    • Fast streaming is available.
    • The image of the quality is top-notch.
    • There are transparent clipboards that make it easy for the users to copy and paste their information.


    • There are no such cons of this software.

    Part 3. Risks of Open Source Solutions:

    The open source alternative to TeamViewer can be excellent for Remote Desktop users. However, some risks come with this software. Following are some of the threats a company might face if they use the TeamViewer alternative open source.

    There are a lot of known vulnerabilities when it comes to open source Remote Desktop software. There can be a lot of critical issues that can come with these open source software.

    Security risks are one of the biggest things when it comes to the open source alternative to TeamViewer. This software is one of the best opportunities for hackers to hack your computer and get important information.

    Licensing complications are another thing that comes with open source software. You might need to renew your license every month to work correctly on this software.

    Quality risks are also another thing that comes with the open source software. Not all of these software are high quality and cause many problems.

    Part 4. Explore Avica: The Best Alternative to TeamViewer:

    Now that you know that the open source TeamViewer alternative can be risky and there can be system breaches, we have a better option for you. Avica Remote Desktop is the remote desktop software perfect for supporting multiple operating systems. Besides this, this software also features premium security with the AES-256 encryption.

    There are also unique features such as a 4K resolution display, low-latency connections, file transferring features, the 4:4:4 color modes, and many other features.

    If you are trying to find a good third-party remote desktop software, then Avica should be your first choice. You can follow the following points if you want to use this platform:

    You can easily download Avica software by clicking the button provided below. For more detailed information regarding Avica App downloads, please visit the official Avica download page. It is important to note that Avica ensures the safety and virus-free nature of all products available on its official website or app store. Feel confident in downloading Avica from these trusted sources.

    Free Download

    • First, you need to get the app and register in your account. Here, you need to add your email and set up the username. You will get a unique ID and password to connect to other devices.


    • Now go to the desktop's left side, click on the Computer option, and enter the Device ID.


    • From here, you can click the Connect button. After the connection, you can start performing all the essential functions.


    Free Download


    TeamViewer is a vast platform that is used by thousands of people all over the world. However, now people are facing a lot of problems when it comes to this software. Hence, this article has some of the best open-source alternatives to TeamViewer to use and do your work easily. Also, Avica is considered one of the best among all the other sources of TeamViewer software.

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