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    BlogTop 10 Remote Desktop Apps and Software for Mac [2024 Review]

    Top 10 Remote Desktop Apps and Software for Mac [2024 Review]

    Emily Stewart • Dec 28, 2023
    Emily StewartDec 28, 2023
    7min read

    Are you looking for the best remote desktop apps and software options to rely on in 2024? We have made the task easier for you! In this comprehensive article, we will walk you through the ultimate picks for the remote desktop apps for Mac. We have listed the detailed features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you make an informed choice. So, without further ado, let's dive in to begin exploring!

    Part 1. Top 3 Picks of the Best Remote Desktop Apps for Mac

    Let’s first have a look at the 3 best remote desktop apps for Mac!

    TOP 1. Avica Remote Desktop - The Most Cost-Effective

    The very first on our list is the emerging remote desktop app, Avica! This remote app for Mac combines intuitive features under its roof. You can use it not only for remote access and file transfer but also for connecting with multiple devices at a time without any speed lag.

    The best part? It's a cost-effective Mac remote management solution! The developers have struggled to hit the balance between affordable pricing and comprehensive features.

    TOP 2. AnyDesk - The Most Popular

    When it comes to popularity, the first name that comes to our minds when thinking of the popular remote desktop software for Mac is AnyDesk! This smart choice offers a multitude of security layers, full mobile support, and customization flexibility. It’s trusted by over 170,000 customers and recommended by multiple review sites.

    TOP 3. Parsce - The Top Choice Among Avid Gamers

    Whether you want to connect to work, play games, or make projects – all remotely, Parsce has got you covered! It comes with an interactive and crystal-clear HD screen view, one of the most tempting features that Avid gamers look out for. So, if you belong to the same category, you need to check out this best Mac remote desktop app!

    Part 3. The 10 Best Remote Desktop Software for Mac in 2024

    In this section, we will uncover detailed info about the software you must consider when looking for one. So, let’s give them a quick read!

    1. Avica Remote Desktop

    Avica is a one-stop solution for almost everyone out there. It offers users effective control of video quality, screen resolution, color ratio, frame rate, display, devices, monitors, and more. In short, you have great flexibility and control over how things operate with this best remote desktop for Mac.


    Key Features

    • Supports up to four game controllers at a time
    • Allows creating multiple virtual screens on the devices
    • Enables setting resolution, frame rate, quality, color ratio, and more such features

    Pricing Plan

    • Free: Lifetime free + 7-day Pro trial included
    • Pro: $5.00 per month and $50.00 per year


    • Drag and drop file transfer
    • Copy-paste functionality
    • Low latency
    • End-to-end AES-256 encryption


    • Newer one on the market compared to some renowned names
    • FPS support is low for the free version

    Feel free to easily download Avica software by clicking the button below. If you require additional information about Avica product downloads, please visit the dedicated Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees safety and ensures that all products acquired from their official website or app store are free from viruses. You can confidently download Avica from these trusted sources. 

    Free Download

    2. AnyDesk

    As mentioned, AnyDesk is one of the most renowned Mac remote desktop software. It allows smartly performing remote management tasks via smartphones or tablets to streamline remote working. You can install and use the platform independently or rely on the cloud solution. 


    Key Features

    • Seamlessly integrates usage data via the REST-API
    • Offers a great extent of customization
    • Recommended by multiple renowned platforms

    Pricing Plan

    • Free for personal use
    • For businesses:
    1. Solo: US$10.90 per month
    2. Standard: US$21.90 per month
    3. Advanced: US$57.90 per month


    • Up to 100 device connections without speed lags
    • Supports command line interface
    • Mobile device support


    • Offers limited controls for large file transfers
    • Voice and video chat features not supported

    3. Parsec

    Next on the list is Parsec! This Mac remote app comes with secure and effortless remote connection forming and seamless 4k at 60 frames per second. What sets it apart is its support for audit logs, SAML single sign-on, and group and computer management.


    Key Features

    • Supports privacy mode and multi-monitor streaming
    • Seven days lasting audit logs
    • Offers centralized billing options

    Pricing Plan

    • Individuals (Warp): $9.99 per user/month
    • Teams: $35 per user/month
    • Enterprise: Custom


    • Unparalleled input accuracy
    • Reduced latency
    • Secure connection establishments within seconds
    • SOC2 Type 1 certified


    • A bit expensive
    • Some areas need improvement

    4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

    Are you just beginning with remote desktop connections? Besides going with any other version, let’s just unfold the innovativeness of Microsoft Remote Desktop. This free remote desktop Mac allows remote access to your PC from multiple other devices. 


    Key Features

    • Offers full control of authorization and access
    • Supports command line interface
    • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

    Pricing Plan

    • It’s a remote desktop for Mac free client.


    • Centralized file storage and backup
    • Easy installation and setup
    • Flexible pricing
    • Ideal for personal usage


    • Setting up outside the Office is pretty daunting.
    • Only supported by Pro, Business, or Ultimate versions of Windows

    5. Splashtop

    Rely on this remote desktop app for Mac to ensure hassle-free remote access and remote management. Whether you want to use Splashtop for personal or professional use, it will serve you with the best features with smart mobile support. 


    Key Features

    • Ensures robust security with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption
    • Supports two-factor authentication, endpoint MFA, single-sign-on integration, and a blank screen.
    • Gives access to full-session audit logging

    Pricing Plan

    • Business Access Solo: $5 per month
    • Business Access Pro: $8.25 per month per user
    • Business Access Performance: $12 per month per user
    • Enterprise: Custom


    • GDPR and SOC 2 compliant
    • 24x7 intrusion detection
    • Free trial
    • Data privacy during sessions and remote sharing


    • Complicated billing options
    • Supports whiteboard only on mobile devices

    6. TeamViewer

    This best RDP client for Mac can prove your go-to remote desktop client with its engineered scalability, flexibility, and security. TeamViewer is a leading platform with ultra compatibility for desktops and mobile devices. 


    Key Features

    • Supports Mass deployment (MSI)
    • Allows making unlimited connections
    • Robust security with technologies like conditional access, 2FA, and SSO

    Pricing Plan for Teams

    • TeamViewer Premium: US$52.90 per month
    • TeamViewer Corporate: US$102.90 per month


    • Concurrent sessions per concurrent connection
    • Outgoing and incoming connection reporting
    • 99.99% average uptime
    • Free trial


    • Lacks feature updates
    • Doesn’t support auto-security and other important features

    7. Apple Remote Desktop

    Apple Remote Desktop app allows remote access in two different ways: either allow all of your Mac users to access your device remotely or allow all users, including both on your Mac and your network, to connect remotely. 


    Key Features

    • Enables encrypting files for secure transfers
    • Can copy and paste info between two computers
    • Enables performing Remote Spotlight search

    Pricing Plan

    • Download it from the Apple App Store for just $79.99.


    • Task Server to assemble inventory reports
    • Supports UNIX shell scripts or commands
    • Prevent end-users from viewing the screen
    • Perform chain actions


    • Limited support for devices
    • Complex to use for beginners

    8. Chrome Remote Desktop

    If you have always struggled with cluttered interfaces and complex controls in remote management, you need to use Chrome Remote Desktop! Where this best remote desktop Mac is fast and free, its easy installation and convenient screen-sharing features are also worth mentioning. 


    Key Features

    • Comes free with Chrome browser and a Google account
    • Supports both one-off screen sharing and unattended access
    • Secure with open web technologies like WebRTC

    Pricing Plan

    • It’s a free remote desktop Mac client.


    • Easy to setup
    • Simple and swift connection establishment
    • One-off screen sharing
    • Seamless performance with minimal lags and errors


    • Doesn't support the multiple-display feature
    • No chat features

    9. Zoho Assist

    Next comes the Zoho Assist! It offers everything from consulting and customizing to onboarding users with enterprise-level features and smart integration capabilities! The best part? It’s compatible with Linux, iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, or Chromebook. 


    Key Features

    • Offers outsourced MSP & IT support
    • Establish smart IT help desk service
    • Lets you enjoy unattended remote access

    Pricing Plan

    • Remote Access:
    1. Standard: US$10
    2. Professional: US$15
    3. Enterprise: US$24
    • Unattended Access:
    1. Standard: US$10
    2. Professional: US$15


    • TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption
    • No requirements for installation
    • Supports rebranding and custom domains
    • Cross-platform support


    • Doesn’t transfer remote audio
    • Somehow cluttered UI

    10. Jump Desktop

    Are you looking for an enterprise-grade best Mac RDP client? You need to check out Jump Desktop. It comes with Cloud access logs for keeping a check on which employee remotely logged in. Moreover, it doesn't require any sort of VPN or gateways. 


    Key Features

    • Features easy-to-use UI
    • Allows saving time using customized installers
    • Securely stores team access logs in the Cloud for around 90 days

    Pricing Plan

    • Pro: $9.99 per user per month
    • Enterprise: $19.99 per user per month


    • Single Sign-On
    • Supports open standards
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections
    • Convenient billing options


    • Doesn’t support remote printing and audio streaming in a few cases.
    • Can be a bit pricier for startups

    Part 3. How to remote desktop for Mac using Avica?

    Step 1: Download and Set up Avica Remote Desktop

    To run Avica on a Mac, the initial step is to download Avica software on your Mac. Once the download is complete, you can sign in to your existing Avica account or create a new one. The same download process applies to another PC as well.

    Free Download


    Step 2: Initiate a Remote Session

    After logging in from the macOS device, a user-friendly interface will be there. There will be written "Remote Session," and you simply have to put the "Avica ID" of the remote device in the local device. Then, press the "Connect" button, and Avica will ask you to add the password of your remote device to establish the connection.


    Step 3: Operating the Features of Avica

    It will enable you to use some features of Avica that range from Resolution, Colors, FPS, and Display. Lastly, when you finish operating the remote desktop and want to end the process, there will be a red mark on the right side of the features. It will enable you to exist outside of the remote device’s screen.


    Free Download


    This article has listed all of the best options you can consider when searching for optimal remote desktop apps for Mac. Hope this detailed description helped you find your best remote app Mac. If we had to choose only one out of all these, we would have gone with Avica, as it might be new in the market, but its inclusiveness, intuitiveness, and innovativeness are enough to leave anyone impressed.

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