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    BlogTop 10 Remote Desktop Apps for Android in 2024

    Top 10 Remote Desktop Apps for Android in 2024

    Emily Stewart • Jan 1, 2024
    Emily StewartJan 1, 2024
    8min read

    Remote desktop apps can be very useful, especially when working on the go. Most of the time, when you are not available at your desk and need to access your computer, a remote desktop app can help. These apps help you check emails, edit documents, or remotely run applications on your PC. However, searching for the best remote desktop Android apps can be time-consuming.

    That is why we have compiled, discussed, and explained the best remote desktop apps for Android in this guide. For better understanding, we have also listed their key features, pros, and cons to help you choose an app specific to your needs. Start reading this guide and learn which app comes out on top in the end.

    Part 1. Can You Use Remote Desktop on Your Android Phone?

    Surely, remote desktops can be easily used on Android phones, but it comes with many considerations. Like, how well these Android RDP apps work depends on a specific phone model. The first thing to consider is the internet connectivity. You will need a strong internet connection if you want the remote desktop to run smoothly on your Android. Compatibility should also be considered before starting to use these RDP apps.

    It is super important to keep everything safe while accessing your PC remotely. You should always choose a good app to use that has high-end security and always use strong passwords. Some apps even have extra ways to keep your data safe, like backup codes and two-factor authentication. These factors will help you transfer and access data without any external data leak risks.

    Part 2. The Top 10 Remote Desktop Android Apps to Control PC

    When accessing your work-related computer to manage certain things, choosing the best app is always the main concern. As discussed above, these apps must be selected based on how well they perform on Android phones and what security they offer. Below, we have listed 10 tools that serve as remote desktop for Android and offer an array of other related features.

    1. Avica Remote Desktop

    One of the best Android apps that helps you control your computer remotely is the Avica. This tool offers exceptionally smooth and easy access to your computer. Users can simply connect to a PC via a single device ID and manage their work professionally. This app also provides a keyboard option that helps you to type the required data accordingly. Moreover, using this remote access app Android, users can even scroll their windows.

    Plus, this app allows you to switch between screens if you have your PC connected to an external display. To view the PC screen on your Android in a better way, switch between landscape or portrait mode accordingly. For much better controlling, you can enable the touch mode if required or otherwise increase the pointer size up to 5x as per needs.


    Key Features

    • Set the screen quality to smooth, HD, or Ultra-HD, depending on your internet connectivity.
    • Manage bandwidth to set the code rate value to up to 20Mbps.
    • For a better and smoother experience, switch between frame rates such as 30FPS, 60FPS, and 144FPS.


    • You can pin the ping value, bandwidth, and needle rate throughout the remote session.
    • Doesn't lag your Android and allows you to perform other tasks while the session runs in the background.


    • Compared to some renowned names, newer ones on the market

    Feel free to download the Avica App for Android from Google Play. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

    Free Download

    2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

    Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android is another app that lets you connect to your PC smoothly. Users can connect a single PC or an entire workspace using this Windows remote desktop for Android. There is no limit to how many PCs you add, as you can always switch between them as per your needs. It even offers an option to auto-lock the display when not attended for long. For security purposes, you can even turn on an HTTP proxy to control the PC without risks.


    Key Features

    • Switch between themes to manage work in a better way or turn to dark themes to work at night.
    • Set the orientation to landscape, portrait, or auto-adjust for better viewing.
    • Adjust the resolution to match the device or add any custom.


    • Add multiple user accounts and edit or remove them conveniently.
    • Send anonymous feedback to Microsoft to help them improve the app.


    • Many users have recently reported the auto crash of the app, leading to time wastage.

    3. RealVNC Viewer

    RealVNC Viewer is an amazing remote desktop for a mobile app that transforms your Android device into a PC remote-controlling device. Not only can you view your desktop remotely, but you can also take full control of it. Move the mouse cursor, click, type, and perform all the tasks you would typically do while using your computer directly. There is also an option to enable the two-finger scroll gesture for the user's ease.


    Key Features

    • Blocks users failing authentication to prevent attacks and port scans.
    • Secure, encrypted, and password-protected remote connections for your privacy.
    • Supports Bluetooth keyboards and mice for mobile control.


    • Access online documentation and support via chat and email.
    • User-friendly gestures enhance keyboard and mouse controls.


    • The file transfer feature is not available in the free home subscription on Android.

    4. TeamViewer Remote Control

    To access your computer device remotely on your Android phone, TeamViewer is here to help you out. This Android RDP app allows you to connect your computer devices remotely and manage the contacts in an organized manner. In addition, it also enables multiple users to chat with each other during a remote session to convey their message effectively.


    Key Features

    • Users can transfer files in both directions without any technical issues.
    • Businesses' workflow can be enhanced with the screen-sharing feature.
    • Enables you to experience HD video transmission in real-time for a better user experience.


    • 256-bit ASE session encoding to ensure that your device's connection is secured.
    • Allows joint teams to work on a big project and share files without any complication.


    • Adding additional users in the remote session is difficult, which impacts the user's workflow.

    5. AnyDesk Remote Desktop

    AnyDesk is a remote desktop for Android that helps users connect their devices remotely for various businesses. Whether you are in their office or anywhere out, you can quickly connect with devices remotely through the RSA 2048 key exchange, which provides a secure connection. With intense security, you can also use its remote printing feature to print your desired documents on the go.


    Key Features

    • A two-factor authentication process is provided by this remote access to ensure the security level.
    • Rest-API can be integrated into your system for better performance and interesting features.
    • This remote access RDP offers quick file transfer from one connected device to another.


    • AnyDesk supports several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and more.
    • For a unique user experience, this tool offers low latency and higher frame rates.


    • Transferring large files through AnyDesk is a bit difficult due to its limited controls.

    6. Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop tool is a product of Google Chrome that enables users to connect their work or home computer remotely for various scenarios. For using this tool, a computer PIN is required to ensure that the access is authorized and your data is protected. Moreover, the interface of this remote desktop Android is simple to use, which helps you connect your Windows or Mac devices efficiently.


    Key Features

    • Utilize one-time authentication codes for secure access sharing.
    • Web technology like WebRTC is used by this Android RDP app to connect your devices smoothly.
    • Ensure encryption with Chrome's SSL features, including AES encryption.


    • For business owners, the setup cost of Chrome Remote Desktop is very flexible and effective.
    • Conveniently manage saved session and connection details centrally.


    • A single hardware issue on any remote device can affect the complete remote connection.

    7. RemotePC Viewer

    Accessing your mobile devices and your computers remotely is now easier with the help of RemotePC Viewer. This Android RDP enables you to enjoy a 4K quality remote connection with 60FPS speed to boost your work from your home or office. It ensures that you can quickly access your folders, emails, and other software applications on a remote-controlled device without any complication. 


    Key Features

    • You can lock your remote system with the help of your Android Device to enhance its security.
    • Collaborate with whiteboard draw on the remote screen efficiently.
    • Users can record remote sessions for sharing with multiple people or for case study purposes.


    • Enhance security with “Trusted Devices” for the RemotePC account.
    • Screen resolution can be adjusted as per the user's requirement for enhanced graphics.


    • A lot of users have complained about the connectivity issues.

    8. AirDroid

    AirDroid is an Android RDP app that helps in the seamless transfer of files between multiple phones, web, and computers as per the business requirement. It enables quick data transfer between Android and Windows with the help of its nearby function. For establishing a remote connection through this application, you can use a QR code, email, and password with an HTTPS connection.


    Key Features

    • This tool enables users to sync and reply to phone SMs and notifications.
    • Find your lost device using the Find Phone feature and erase its data for your information protection.
    • Android devices can easily be mirrored on the PC wireless for sharing screens with different people.


    • Robust encryption with logging, audit trails, and multi-level passwords.
    • High-definition audio and video streaming for remote connections.


    • A lengthy setup process is required to set up this remote desktop app on different devices for remote connection.

    9. Supremo Remote Desktop

    Supremo is a flexible remote desktop for mobile that helps users establish remote connections between multiple devices. It provides you with a special ID that can be used to help you gain authorized access to the respective device. Moreover, it also has an Address Book to keep a record of the connections. There is also an option to engage in real-time chats while playing games.


    Key Features

    • Keyboards and other required features are available with special keys to help control devices remotely.
    • You can access multiple displays through this RPD Android app to enhance your work.
    • Secure remote control with AES 256-bit encryption for safety.


    • Zoom and pan for detailed remote interactions.
    • UAC-compliant for user account control compatibility.


    • Users can control computers on their mobile phones but can’t do vice versa.

    10. AnyViewer Remote Desktop

    AnyViewer is a remote desktop Android app that provides unattended remote access to support UAC and other scenarios of accessing a device remotely. High-quality resolution with fast responding features is provided by this app, which is very helpful for multiple businesses. In addition, it also offers end-to-end encryption to keep the data of its customers secured.


    Key Features

    • Playing games on your home computer is easier with the remote access feature.
    • It is easier for users to lock the remote screen of the computers to avoid unauthorized access.
    • For the fixing process, accessing reboot, CMD, and task manager is easier with AnyViewer.


    • The user interface of this remote access is straightforward to use, even for a non-technical skilled person.
    • You can blacken your screen during the remote session to hide your sensitive information.


    • Unable to connect to other Android or iPhone devices.

    Part 3. How to Remotely Control Your PC from Android Using Avica?

    We can indeed conclude that Avica is the best remote desktop Android app to use for diverse needs. The features it offers are top-end and lets users easily control various devices. Now, moving on to how to use this tool, we will list the steps below.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Download the Avica App from the Play Store

    First, you will need to download the Avica app from the Play Store and install it on your Android device. Then download and install Avica on your remote PC. Afterward, launch it and type your "Email," "Password," and hit the "Sign In" button to access the app.


    Step 2: Explore Avica on Your PC and Stay on the Main Interface

    Next, launch the Avica tool on your PC and note down the "Avica ID" and password of the remote PC from the “This Device” section. Head back to your Android, type the "Avica ID" from your PC, and hit the "Connect" button.


    Step 3: Manage Settings on Your Android

    Once connected, you will see your computer's screen on Avica's Android app. Here, you can click the "Tools" icon to adjust the "Switch Screen," orientation, "Touch Mode," or "Quality," and various other settings. Plus, you can manage the other work easily and control your computer.


    Free Download


    Controlling your computer via an Android device can prove to be very useful for managing work efficiently. For this, you will need to use the best remote desktop Android apps. To help you choose the apps easily, we have listed the top 10 Android apps above that help you connect to your desktop remotely. These apps also let users manage many things, such as frame rate, quality, and pointer settings.

    After going through this detailed guide, we recommend you use Avica if you need to control your computer in detail. This app also offers a much smoother and better experience to users. In addition, users can also manage customized bandwidth depending on specific needs.

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