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    BlogBest Ways to Remote Access Windows from Android in 2024

    Best Ways to Remote Access Windows from Android in 2024

    Simon Brown • Jan 17, 2024
    Simon BrownJan 17, 2024
    4min read

    There are scenarios when you feel the need to remote access Windows from Android for multiple reasons. It could be due to accessing any file or document on a Windows PC while you are away. Or it could be due to the need for collaboration on certain documents, especially if you are working on a project.

    If you have an Android phone and are looking for ways to remote access Windows 10 from Android, don’t worry because this article will help you. We will guide you properly on Android RDP Windows and walk you through the detailed explanation of methods to access Windows PC from your Android phone.

    Part 1. Is Remote Access Available on Android?

    You can access your Android phone remotely; however, these devices have no default features. Various apps and tools allow you to access Windows remote desktop from an Android device. Many third-party applications, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, allow easy access but follow the best security practices.

    These include using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and only allowing connections from trusted devices, and for this, Avica can be the top choice. In the next section, you will find a secure and easy method to access your Windows PC from your Android smartphone.

    Part 2. How to Access Windows Desktop Remotely from Android?

    We have discussed the possibility of remote access to Windows using Android, which can be quite simple if we apply proper techniques. Now, we'll elaborate on two methods regarding Android RDP Windows that will assist in connecting with your system while sitting away from it.

    Solution 1. Using Avica Remote Desktop [Secure & Simple]

    Avica Remote Desktop stands out as an advanced remote desktop software offering secure device management without compromise. The employment of AES-256 end-to-end encryption ensures the safety of both your data and devices. With the capability to handle multiple devices using a single account and no restrictions on the number of connections, Avica provides flexible and high-performance device management.

    Additionally, during remote sessions, users have the freedom to customize different options such as task manager and lock screen. All these features make Avica a preferred choice for Windows remote desktop Android access.

    Key Features

    • Users can manage session quality by switching between smooth, HD, ultra-HD, or customizable settings.
    • Supported by a low latency feature, Avica can effectively capture weak signals from a network and maintain a stable connection.
    • When dealing with sensitive data during a remote session, users can enable privacy mode. This blacks out the screen for the other end user.
    • To manage Windows PCs more effectively, users can set the cursor size and sensitivity between slow and fast.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Access PC from Android With Avica Remote Desktop App

    Feel free to easily download Avica software by clicking the button below. If you require additional information about Avica product downloads, please visit the dedicated Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees safety and ensures that all products acquired from their official website or app store are free from viruses. You can confidently download Avica from these trusted sources.

    Free Download

    Let’s move toward the step-by-step guide to access your PC using the Android device on the Avica remote desktop app:

    Step 1. Download Avica and Enable Remote Access Option

    First of all, you need to install the Avica application on your Android phone and the PC you want to control remotely. Then, on your PC, you need to toggle on the "Allow remote access to this device using the credentials" switch to note down "Avica ID" and "Password."


    Step 2. Access the PC from the Android Device using the Credentials

    Lastly, you need to enter the "Avica ID" of the PC into your Android phone within the "Remote Connection" section. Subsequently, press the "Connect" button and, when prompted, input the "Password," followed by pressing the "Confirm" button to access and manage the device remotely.


    Step 3. Start a Remote Session from the Android

    Manage the settings such as “Quality,” “Mouse Settings,” or “Frame Rate” as per requirements after clicking the “Tools” icon. You can even scroll through windows while clicking the respective buttons.


    Free Download

    Solution 2. Via Microsoft Remote Desktop

    Another solution for Android Windows 10 remote desktop access is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which is an inherent feature within the Windows operating system that allows users to view a computer remotely from another device. This feature offers convenient access and control over the desktop, applications, and files of a remote computer via a network connection.

    However, Windows Home editions often come with limitations regarding their ability to serve as hosts for incoming Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections. Conversely, Windows Pro Edition typically supports RDP access, though there may be constraints related to network configurations or licensing terms. Now, let’s move towards the simple guide to access Windows via Microsoft RDP:

    Step 1. First, you need to enable Remote Desktop via the "Settings" of your Windows PC. Navigate to the "System" settings and find the "Remote Desktop" option. Then, proceed with activating the "Remote Desktop" feature by toggling the switch. Additionally, take note of the PC name appearing just below the “Remote Desktop” option.


    Step 2. Subsequently, you can download the Microsoft “Remote Desktop” from the Android app store and begin installing and launching the application. Click on the "+" icon at the top-right corner and choose the "Add PC" option. Then, enter the "PC Name" and manage other settings such as "General," "Gateway," or "Display" and hit the "Save" button.


    Step 3. Following this, return to the main screen, find your PC, and tap on it. Likewise, you will be asked to "Enter Your User Account." Once you are done, hit the "Continue" button to connect to a Windows PC remotely.


    Note: As we have mentioned, Windows Home users can use RDP; we recommend using Avica in that case because it is also free to use.

    Part 3. Which Is the Best Option for Accessing Windows from Android Remotely?

    Avica and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) are both free for Windows remote desktop Android access. However, Avica stands out as the preferred choice due to its user-friendly interface and enhanced safety features. Avica ensures a smooth operation process, which makes it accessible for users across various levels of expertise. Moreover, the implementation of powerful security measures, including advanced encryption, adds an extra layer of protection to your remote connections.

    While the free version of Avica is suitable for many users, there is also the option to subscribe to the Pro version for those looking for an even more comprehensive remote-control experience. The Pro version offers advanced features that address users with specific requirements or preferences. This flexibility in free and pro versions allows users to enhance their remote access experience based on their individual needs and preferences.


    All things considered, you can easily access the Android RDP Windows feature through various methods and tools. We have explored two main methods to get proper remote access to your Windows. Microsoft RDP is a good option; however, Avica stands out as the most powerful and secure way to remotely access Windows from an Android device.

    Moreover, users can even manage Windows PCs with customized settings such as setting display quality, switching to portrait or landscape mode, and even enabling touch or pointer mode.

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