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    BlogRemote Access VPN: Definition, Comparison & Alternatives

    Remote Access VPN: Definition, Comparison & Alternatives

    Emily Stewart • Oct 26, 2023
    Emily StewartOct 26, 2023
    4min read

    The usage of VPNs is increasing day by day. Companies that cannot afford to collaborate with large private VPNs and data networks try to find good remote access VPNs. The VPNs use the internet and allows remote users to connect with different website and private companies.

    These VPN remote access have become a fantastic tool for businesses and large organizations. In this article, you can dive into the world of remote access VPN and learn the different aspects of it. Here, we have mentioned the definition, the working, and even the comparison of different remote access VPN software. So let's jump into this article and learn everything about this Remote access VPN.

    Part 1. What is a Remote Access VPN?

    The remote access VPN makes connecting with different private networks secure and easy. If you are working remotely from your house but want to connect with your workspace resources, you can easily achieve a remote connection through the remote access VPN.

    Another thing you should know about the remote VPNs is that they don't connect you through any server closest to you. Instead, it will connect your device through a specific server that the administrator selects.

    There are a lot of different benefits when it comes to these remote VPNs. One of the main applications of VPNs is that they are used to hide the IP address and also browse the internet anonymously. Hence, remote access VPNs can be very beneficial for business uses and for people who work on a remote basis.


    Part 2. How Does a Remote Access VPN Work?

    Now you might be thinking, how does this entire system work, and how can they connect one computer system to other resources? The remote VPN works by encrypting the data. The data that is sent between the external user and the organization network is encrypted and connected to each other.

    There is no restriction when it comes to the location. Wherever the person is using, the tunnels of the network are created between the user's device and the company's network. Because this software has a sound encryption system, it is perfect for security.

    Organizations create these remote access VPN software for their workers. Following are the ways through which they create these remote access VPN solutions.

    • The IT team of an organization configures the internal networks that can be accessed only through the VPN server.
    • Then, the worker and the users must install this VPN software on the devices they want to connect with the server.
    • After downloading the software, the remote users need to open it and add their company's credentials.
    • The company then provides access to the users and enhances the security system because of the authentication.
    • As the tunnel is secured, the remote user can quickly start sharing their data from their device with their companies.


    Part 3. What is the Difference between Remote Access VPN and Site-to-Site VPN?

    There are two types of secure remote access VPN, one being the remote access VPN and the other being site-to-site VPN. Both of these have similar advantages, and therefore, people can easily confuse them with one another.

    The site-to-site VPN is a secure way to connect one or more networks that are present at different locations. Since the gateway manages the traffic, you don't need to download these VPN services, and it still allows multiple devices from multiple locations to optimize the resources.

    The remote access VPN offers almost the same benefits to the users; however, one main difference is that you will need to download the remote access VPN software. Another main difference between the two is that this kind of VPN connects specific devices and computers to the private networks of the organization.

    Hence, if you want a service that will connect all the devices that are present at a specific location, then the site-to-site VPN is the best option. However, opt for the remote access VPN if you want something that will only allow specific devices.

    Part 4. Benefits and Risks of Remote Access VPN

    When it comes to VPN remote access, there are some significant advantages and also some disadvantages. Here, we have mentioned both of those things so that you know the things that you need to take into account when using them.

    Benefits of Remote Access VPN:

    • They have a reputation for providing the best secure networking systems.
    • These services are very simple and convenient, making navigating the features easy for remote users.
    • Remote access VPNs have an extra authentication layer that ensures no unknown person can enter the system.
    • They also have a multi-verification system for extra security.
    • The remote access VPN is also cost-effective for the companies.

    Risks of Remote Access VPN:

    • Where there are multiple remote connections, it can slow down the operations.
    • The VPN remote access is prone to hackers. The most common type of attack that happens is the DoS attack.
    • If someone steals the VPN credentials, they can get access to the firm's remote access VPN software.
    • The devices with malware and viruses can cause it to spread throughout the networks.

    Part 5. How to Secure Remote Access without a VPN?

    Now you know the usage and demand of remote access VPN solutions. However, there are some risks and challenges that people might face when it comes to these VPN software. Therefore, we have a perfect solution for you that will make it very easy and secure for you to establish remote access without using any VPN service.

    Avica Remote Desktop is one of the best choices of third-party remote desktop software that allows you to connect easily with your organization system. Avica is known for its user-friendly interface, making it very simple for beginners to navigate. This software also has the most robust security features that ensure all of your data and devices are protected from hackers and attacks.

    Another great thing about this software is that it is compatible with all the devices. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Android, and even iOS devices. They also offer low latency, ensuring a stable connection for your weekly network.

    You can easily download Avica software by clicking the button provided below. For more detailed information regarding Avica App downloads, please visit the official Avica download page. It is important to note that Avica ensures the safety and virus-free nature of all products available on its official website or app store. Feel confident in downloading Avica from these trusted sources.

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    How to Use Avica Remote Desktop for remote access?

    • The first step is to download the Avica software on your local and remote devices.
    • When the installation is completed, launch the application.
    • Now, you need to create an account and sign in.


    • Enter the Avica ID of the remote device on the local device and press the "Connect" button. Enter the Password of the remote device when called for. 


    • This will connect you to the remote desktop, and from here, you can start accessing all the features and using them for your work.


    Free Download


    We know the demand for secure remote access VPN is increasing day by day. People like using the VPN because it is simple and easily connects you to your organization's servers. However, with the increase in demand, there has also been an increase in security issues.

    The VPN remote access is becoming prone to hacking and DoS attacks. Therefore, in this article, we presented the perfect alternative, Avica, that will make it easy for you to establish remote access without fearing any security issues.

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