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    BlogHow To Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC Using iTunes?

    How To Transfer Photos from iPhone To PC Using iTunes?

    Simon Brown • Mar 13, 2024
    Simon BrownMar 13, 2024
    4min read

    iTunes is a software application that Apple Inc. launched to manage iDevices and organize digital media. It is available for both macOS (Discontinued after macOS Catalina) and Windows operating systems and is known for creating backups of iOS devices, including photos. For a decade, it has been used to selectively transfer photos from computer to iPhone, maintaining the quality and resolution of the images. 

    Since it preserves high-quality photos during transfer, many people are curious to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer using iTunes. Therefore, this guide will help them learn to transfer pictures to their PC for backup or other purposes. Keep reading to learn whether you can transfer iPhone photos to a PC using iTunes and access an exclusive alternative. 

    Part 1. How to Copy Photos from iPhone to PC Using iTunes?

    For Apple users, iTunes is a central hub for managing iOS devices and optimizing photos for viewing on Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, it cannot transfer from iPhone to PC in real-time as it only supports photo synchronization from PC to iPhone. 

    People concerned about “how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC using iTunes” should remember that iTunes is responsible for organizing photos using the “Phone” option. For photos transfer, they can import photos from the iPhone’s Camera Roll separately into Adobe Photoshop Elements or try alternative ways. 

    However, if you still want to use iTunes to transfer photos, you can use the “File Sharing” feature. To use this feature, you have to save the images in the app folder of any app installed on your iPhone. Here are the instructions that you can follow to move photos from iPhone to PC using iTunes: 

    Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone to locate and select the photos you want to transfer to your PC. Afterward, tap the “Share” icon from the bottom left corner and select the “Save to Files” option.


    Step 2: From the Files app, you have to tap on the “On My iPhone” location and choose the app to save your selected picture. To save the pictures in the app, press the “Save” option from the top right corner.


    Step 3: From iTunes, choose your iOS device and access the “File Sharing” feature from the left panel. Here, you need to select the app in which you have saved the photos from your iPhone. Then, choose the pictures from the “Documents” section and press the “Save” button to get them exported to your PC.


    Part 2. Can You Move iPhone Photos to a PC without iCloud or iTunes?

    So far, there is only one way to transfer files from iPhone to PC through iTunes, which is using the File Sharing feature, which is quite a lengthy process. However, the most straightforward method is using file transfer in Windows or macOS, where anyone can instantly transfer their photos. They need an Apple-certified USB or lightning cable to connect both devices and allow the required permissions.

    Besides, one can use cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, which offer free storage plans. To use them, individuals need to create an account and upload their photos to cloud storage systems. Later, they have to sign in from their PC and download the uploaded files. You can also use remote desktop software like Avica to remotely transfer files without restrictions.

    Part 3. Easy and Free Way to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC Without iTunes

    Even though cloud storage services are a good-to-go option for photo transfer, they offer limited free spaces and require users to upgrade. Considering this, let us introduce you to an alternative to iTunes to import photos from an iPhone to a PC, which is Avica Remote Desktop app. It offers a designated file transfer feature that can move your files between mobile and computers regardless of operating system. 

    Compared with other methods available to transfer files between iPhone and PC, it is the easiest and safest method available so far. In terms of safety, it provides end-to-end comprehensive AES-256 encryption and privacy mode to prevent others from seeing your screen’s activities. Besides, it features a patented protocol for 100 times faster file transfer than HTTP/FTP, and you can transfer unlimited images without any file size limit.

    Other Fruitful Features of Avica Remote Desktop

    Avica goes beyond just a file transfer feature because, being a remote desktop software, it allows you to access and control remote devices without being physically present. If you want to explore its essential functionalities, you should explore the points provided below:

    • Digitizer: If you are transferring files from iPhone to PC for advanced editing, Avica’s digitizer feature will help you streamline the process. By enabling it, you will get external graphic support that will increase remote responsiveness to pressure and levelness so you can perform unconventional activities smoothly.
    • Text Chat and Recording: When transferring files or images from distant locations, people used to call each other to communicate. However, Avica offers collaboration through its chat feature, allowing users to communicate without switching to other platforms. Also, they can record the sessions using its screen recording feature and save the on-screen activities as archives for later use.
    • Group Monitoring: As a manager, you may need to monitor multiple employees simultaneously to keep an eye on their work. For this purpose, Avica gives a group monitoring option where multiple remote devices can be displayed on a single monitor. This way, anyone can collaborate on their projects in the remote sessions.  

    How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using Avica

    Avica has a user-friendly interface and addresses the “How to copy photos from iPhone to PC using iTunes” concern in real-time. To witness this, you can follow this step-by-step guide on transferring photos from iPhone to PC.

    Feel free to easily download Avica software by clicking the button below or download the Avica mobile app from App Store and Google Play. If you require additional information about Avica product downloads, please visit the dedicated Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees safety and ensures that all products acquired from their official website or app store are free from viruses. You can confidently download Avica from these trusted sources.

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    Step 1: Launch Avica and Obtain Credentials from the Remote Device

    Install the latest version of Avica on your iPhone and Windows PC. Then, sign in using your email credentials and access its main interface from both devices. Afterward, toggle the “Allow Remote Access to this Device via Your Credentials” on your computer. Now, copy the “Avica ID” and “Password” displayed and head to your local device.


    Step 2: Establish a Connection and Access the File Transfer Feature  

    From Avica on your iPhone, access the “Remote Connection” section and tap on the “Device ID” textbox. There, type the earlier noted “Avica ID” and press the “File Transfer” button to access the feature after providing the password.


    Step 3: Add Images from Your Gallery to Send

    Now, tap the "Send Files" option and proceed with the "Photos" option from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen. Allow the permission required by your iPhone's gallery and tap “Add” after choosing the photos from your gallery to export to your PC.


    Step 4: Use the Send Button and Transfer the Selected Images to the PC

    Upon tapping “Add,” you will enter another screen where you have to choose a location on the remote computer to send the photos. Later, use the “Send” button on your local device, and the photo transfer process will start. After a while, you can see the images transferred to your chosen location on your PC.


    Free Download


    To wrap up the discussion, Apple users often need to transfer their images to a computer for a safe backup or several other reasons. As iTunes is a good source for managing devices and organizing images, people have started surfing the internet to learn how to transfer pictures from iPhone to PC using iTunes. For clarity this article clearly states that it’s not possible to transfer images between computers and mobile phones using iTunes.

    If they need a real-time solution, Avica can facilitate them with a designated File Transfer option to share documents, images, or anything while physically in distant locations. Undoubtedly, it’s an exceptional and user-friendly platform that anyone can use to transfer images and control remote devices like no one else.

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