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    Blog4 Effective Ways to Send Large Videos on Android

    4 Effective Ways to Send Large Videos on Android

    Simon Brown • May 7, 2024
    Simon BrownMay 7, 2024
    8min read

    In the age of instant communication, videos are a great way to capture moments and share them with loved ones far away to keep them updated. Besides, videos are a common format of presentations in school projects and workplaces where in-person presentations aren’t feasible. However, the problem arises when you need to share such lengthy presentation videos from Android, in which it was captured.

    If you are in a similar situation and wish to send videos to other devices, this guide is for you. Here, you will find the answer to “How to send long videos on Android" in detailed stepwise guides. Thus, head below and figure out the ultimate solution on how to send large video files from Android, based on your needs.       

    Part 1. Can't Figure Out How to Send a Large Video on Android? Find Out!

    The answer is affirmatory because Android's open-source nature provides various file transfer ways using Wi-Fi. Therefore, Android users can share videos through built-in methods, third-party applications, and cloud storage services. However, concerns about retaining the original quality of video files arise among Android users, making selecting a suitable platform difficult.

    In that context, the next section will prove time-saving for you because it demonstrates the top-rated solutions on how to send large videos on Android. Upon reading, you can share long video files across devices without any technical expertise.  

    Part 2. [Quick & Easy] Uncover Top 4 Solutions to Send a Long Video on Android

    Android's video-sharing capabilities allow effortless data transmission, whether it's a funny pet video, a breathtaking travel clip, or a glimpse of a party/meeting. Let's explore the 4 best solutions to learn how to send longer videos on Android through the given guides.  

    Solution 1. Avica Remote Desktop

    The first and foremost solution is Avica Remote Desktop software, which allows wireless data transmission among devices. It efficiently resolves your "How to send a long video on Android” problem because it can transfer videos of any length, size, and format from Android. Additionally, it doesn’t have compatibility issues across devices as it’s available on Mac, Windows, and iPhone.

    Regarding security, Avica provides end-to-end AES-256 comprehensive encryption and a privacy mode to ensure the confidentiality of the session. Moreover, this remote desktop software facilitates a patented protocol for high-speed transfer, which is 100 times faster in data transmission than HTTP/FTP.  

    Key Features of Avica That Make it a Worth Trying App for Remote Communication

    • Unattended Access: The diverse functionality of Avica allows users to gain remote access to devices even when no one is around the remote device.
    • Group Monitoring: Avica provides a group monitoring feature to elevate remote work productivity. Using it, one can view and work with multiple remote devices from their single local monitor and initiate collaborative discussions.
    • Digitizer: To take your sessions to the next level, Avica has a digitizer that serves as an external graphic tablet. It increases the remote responsiveness to pressure and level so users can smoothly perform heavy tasks in remote sessions such as UI design.   

    How to Send Large Videos on Android to PC Using Avica

    Avica remote desktop has a user-friendly interface, which means it has easy-to-navigate operation for seamless remote communication regardless of users’ technical expertise. For now, you can learn how to send a large video from Android to PC as Avica will soon launch the Android-Android file transfer.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Allow Remote Access from the PC for Avica Credentials

    Launch the user-friendly Avica interface on your PC and sign in or create your account using your credentials. Navigate to the “This Device” section and toggle the “Allow Remote Access to This Device via Your Credentials” to gain “Avica ID” and “Password.” Now, copy the noted credentials and head towards your Android device to establish a file transfer connection.  


    Step 2: Use Avica Credentials to Connect Remotely with Android

    Access Avica on your Android device and insert the “Avica ID” in the text box below “Remote Connection.” Then, hit the “File Transfer” button and enter the next screen to choose the “Send Files option. However, you will have to provide the password if you are establishing the file transfer connection for the first time.  


    Step 3: Send Videos to Your Preferred Folder on Your PC

    As you choose “Send Files,” you will have access to the “Files” app to browse the videos and tap the “Select” option after choosing the required videos. Afterward, pick a destination on the PC to send the video files and press the “Send” button to shift the videos.  


    Free Download

    Solution 2. Via Cloud Service (Box)

    Cloud storage services such as Box are a second popular solution one can consider for sharing larger videos across devices. It works on synchronization principles to share larger files and allows you to upload a 250MB file size using a free personal account. 

    You can consult this guide to learn how to send a large video from Android to Android, and the steps for sending a video from Android to a computer/iOS are also similar.

    Step 1: Download Box on both your Android devices and sign in using your Box credentials. From its home screen, press the "+ (Add)" icon and select the "Upload Content" option followed by the "Select Files to Upload" option. Browse and choose the video that you wish to transfer, and it will start uploading to the Box cloud storage service. 


    Step 2: Sign in with the same Box account on the other Android phone and find the synced video, which was uploaded earlier. Use the “Three Dots” icon next to the video and access an extended list to save the video with the "Download" option.


    Solution 3. Via Google Photos Sharing Link

    Google Photos can count as a dedicated photo-sharing platform that is also used to store and organize Android media. Users can share their videos and photos by creating a link, email, and synchronization to other devices, where file size and quality never become a hurdle. For now, let's learn how to send large video files from one phone to another Android phone by creating a link in Google Photos.

    Step 1: Open the "Google Photos" app on your Android and pick the longer video that you wish to share. Then, tap the "Share" icon from the bottom to choose the "Send in Photos" option using the extended list. Following that, insert the recipient's Android email ID, which is logged into its Photos app. Once you enter the address, press the "Send" button to complete the transfer process.


    Step 2: Head to the Photos app on the receiver’s Android and hit the “Share with Others” icon at the top-right side. Now, enter the conversation where you received the video and tap on it for a preview.


    Step 3: Alternatively, you can select a video, press the “Share” icon and tap the “Create a Link” option. Next, use the “Gmail” icon or any other communication channel to share the link with other Android phones. On the target Android device, users can touch the link to open the video and save the video via the “Save Photos” button.


    Solution 4. Email (with ZIP)

    Another common solution to transfer data across devices is email attachments, especially using Gmail. However, it can only share videos within the 25MB attachment limit, which also fails to preserve the original video quality if you send large videos by compressing them. Therefore, this guide will show you how to send large video files from an Android email through a ZIP folder.  

    Step 1: Access an online Video to ZIP converter like Online-Convert.com and upload your long video files by pressing the “Choose File” button. After uploading the video files, press the "Start" button, and they will be converted into a ZIP file that you can download to your device.  


    Step 2: Open your Gmail account on Android and tap the “Compose” icon to start composing an email. Then, use the “Attach File” icon from the top-right side to browse the ZIP folder and upload it in Gmail. Now, insert the other important information, like the recipient’s email address, and press the “Send” icon to share the file.


    Step 3: Once the ZIP folder is sent from Android, locate the file on the recipient’s Gmail account on the target Android phone. Finally, tap the “Download” icon to save it in your Android’s file folder for later use.


    Part 3. What is the Most Effective Solution to Send Large Videos on Android?

    When it comes to sharing long videos across devices, a variety of solutions make choosing one perfect approach challenging. Let's make it easier for you by comparing all the available solutions to several factors. First, you can rely on an email approach if you know how to convert a video into a ZIP file and convert it back to the video, which is time-consuming.

    Then, you can count on cloud services if you have a strong internet connection and a premium plan to upload large-sized videos to them. On the other hand, some users don’t prefer to create conversations and albums on Google Photos due to privacy issues.

    Thus, choosing Avica would be a reliable and convenient solution for sending long videos on Android because of its top-tier services. Among such services involves high speed, end-to-end encryption, cross-compatibility, and ease of use, which makes it an exceptional file transfer solution.


    In essence, this article sheds light on all the possible solutions to your "how to send a large video on an Android" problem. Here, you have explored stepwise guides on sharing larger videos via Avica, email with ZIP attachments, cloud storage services, and Google Photos Link. Among all the methods, the Avica remote desktop stands out with its exclusive speed, security, and limitless file transmission abilities.

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