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    BlogHow to Access and View iPhone Photos on a PC: Comprehensive Guide

    How to Access and View iPhone Photos on a PC: Comprehensive Guide

    Simon Brown • Apr 25, 2024
    Simon BrownApr 25, 2024
    6min read

    In recent years, the iPhone has become a primary source of capturing images due to its high-end camera, editing capabilities, and convenience of carrying it anywhere. However, it shows certain constraints, such as the inability to perform advanced editing, smaller displays, and inefficient organization.

    It leads individuals to explore how to access iPhone photos on PC and obtain an immersive viewing experience on bigger screens. Therefore, this guide brings effective solutions for accessing images on a computer without delving into complexities. So, go straight to selecting a suitable approach guiding you on how to access photos on a PC from an iPhone. 

    Part 1. Is It Possible to View and Access iPhone Photos on a Computer Without Using iTunes? 

    Simply put, you can view or access iPhone images on your computer without using iTunes, an older and more complicated method. If you are daunted about how to access an iPhone pic on a PC, let us inform you that several built-in and third-party approaches exist for this purpose. Among the built-in options are Windows’ File Explorer and Photos App, which comes by default for file/image management.

    Furthermore, one can use iCloud through a web browser or install it on a Windows PC. Apart from that, an incredible third-party application called Avica is also available, with an extensive range of file viewing, accessing, and sharing capabilities.

    Part 2. [3 Ultimate Methods] How to Access Photos on PC from iPhone?

    Whether you want to process image viewing on the computer through a syncing approach or a USB cable connection, this section covers all methods. Thus, as discussed thoroughly below, you can review them all and learn how to access iPhone photos from a PC.

    Method 1. Access iPhone Photos on a Computer with iCloud Web

    Accessing iPhone photos through iCloud Web is convenient for iPhone users because they just need to log in with their Apple ID credentials. However, you can only view the pictures on iCloud Photos if you have enabled the sync feature on your iDevice. In the step-by-step guide below, let's explore how to view iPhone photos on a PC through iCloud:

    Step 1: Head to your iPhone’s Settings app and tap your iCloud ID/profile to choose the “iCloud” option. Later, press the “Photos” feature to toggle the “Sync this iPhone” option and start syncing your iPhone images in iCloud.


    Step 2: Now, sign in to iCloud.com on your PC’s browser and navigate to the “Photos” app/widget on the main interface. Choose the “Photos” app to get a preview of all the pictures and videos available on your iPhone’s iCloud. Optionally, you can select the images and tap the “Download” icon from the top-right corner to save images to your PC.


    Method 2. View iPhone Photos on PC Using File Explorer

    Although iCloud Photos only has 5GB of free storage, an alternative option also exists for devices present at nearby locations. In this method, users need an Apple-certified USB cable to establish a connection between devices, as it's a wired approach to viewing photos. Anyhow, the rest of the instructions on how to access photos on an iPhone from a PC are mentioned below:

    Instructions: Bring an Apple-certified USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer and allow required permissions on your iPhone. Access your PC’s “File Explorer” and choose your connected iDevice by clicking on the “Internal Storage” folder. Then, tap the “DCIM” folder and access your iPhone photos from various folders, which can be viewed by double-tapping on them.  


    Method 3. Check iPhone Photos on PC via the Windows Photo App 

    Do you need to create a backup of photos on your PC because your iCloud storage is running out of storage? Fortunately, Windows users have a built-in Photos app to streamline the backup process, and you are just asked to connect both your devices. To explore this method, consider the following instructions on how to access photos on an iPhone on a PC.  

    Instructions: Establish a USB cable connection between your iPhone and Windows device. Later, launch the Photos App on your computer and click the “Import” button from the top-right side, followed by the “Apple iPhone” option. Now, your iPhone photos will start syncing in the Photos app, which you can preview by double-clicking.     


    Bonus Tip: Transfer Photos in Remote Sessions between iPhone and PC

    After accessing and viewing photos, you must be looking for a more straightforward solution to move pictures to your PC in seconds. In this case, using Avica Remote Desktop software will prove worthwhile, allowing you to transfer and access iPhone photos on a PC. It’s a remote desktop app available to streamline your sharing process across all devices, including iPhone, Android, macOS, Web, and Windows.

    Besides, it’s the most secure approach to file transfer because it features comprehensive end-to-end AES-256 encryption. Users can quickly share unlimited images, videos, and media across iPhones and PCs without any file format limitations. Regarding speed, this remote desktop app is equipped with patented protocols for high-speed transfer, which is 100 times faster than FTTP/HTP.

    Highlighted Key Features of Avica Remote Desktop App 

    • Digitizer: With Avica, you can explore countless possibilities, and Digitizer is one of them. You can increase your system’s responsiveness to pressure during remote sessions if you are working on high-end projects. These types of projects include software testing, playing games remotely, etc.
    • Virtual Screen: Imagine if you are editing videos during remote sessions, and you might crave an additional display to increase your productivity. For this purpose, Avica provides the Virtual Screen feature that you can use to create additional screens on the remote device.
    • Privacy Mode: Most users are concerned with their privacy during remote sessions. For this reason, this incredible tool allows you to block others from seeing your on-screen activities or hearing the sound during remote sessions.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Photos Between iPhone and PC via Avica 

    As discussed, Avica is a must-have application that can be utilized for multiple purposes. However, using it properly will enhance your productivity. For this reason, we will guide you step-by-step so that you can follow and operate Avica to the maximum.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Launch Avica and Allow Remote Access from the PC

    Download the Avica remote desktop app by pressing the “Free Download” button below and toggle the “Allow Remote Access to This Device via your Credentials'' toggle from your remote PC. Then, copy the “Avica ID” and note the “Password” to head towards your iPhone to build a connection.


    Step 2: Enter Avica’s Credentials in iPhone to Transfer Pictures

    Access Avica's main interface from your iPhone and insert the "Avica ID" into the "Remote Connection" section. Afterward, tap the "File Transfer" button on your iPhone and type the “Password” that you have obtained from the host device.


    Step 3. Transfer Photos to Your Chosen Place on the PC

    Using the next screen, hit the "Send Files" and "Photos" buttons afterward to access the image on your iPhone. Lastly, select your desired iPhone pictures and press the “Add” button to move toward the final process. From the next screen, choose a folder and use the “Send” button to shift images to your PC from your iDevice. 


    Free Download

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since you have learned various methods on how to access iPhone photos on a PC, you must be on the way to try one suitable approach. During that process, if you face any issues, you should read the given FAQs and simplify photo access on your computer.

    1. Why can't I access my photos on my PC?

    If you fail to access images on your PC, review your method to achieve this goal. If you are using iCloud, chances are your internet connection isn’t stable, causing trouble when displaying images. Besides, consider the image file format you are trying to access because the Photos App only supports popular image formats.

    2. Why won't my iCloud photos be downloaded to my PC?

    While trying to download photos from the iCloud app on your PC, if you face an error, you might get the wrong settings in iCloud for Windows. To resolve this issue, go to "Photos" and click "Options" to obtain the iCloud settings window. Through it, check the "Upload to My Photos Stream” and ensure that the "Download New Photos and Videos to My PC" is enabled.


    To sum up the discussion, iPhones are convenient for capturing high-quality photos but are not good enough for advanced editing and data organization. So, users might need to access iPhone photos on their PCs to perform various tasks afterward. This article covered every possible method showing how to access iPhone photos from a PC, where Avica remote desktop software emerges as a top-tier solution.

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