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    Blog7 Must-Have Software to Transfer Files From PC To Android in 2024

    7 Must-Have Software to Transfer Files From PC To Android in 2024

    Emily Stewart • Apr 26, 2024
    Emily StewartApr 26, 2024
    9min read

    Imagine you have stored your important files on the PC, and suddenly, you have to leave the desktop for some reason. Later on, you might need those files, but you cannot access the PC. In this situation, file transfer software for PC to Android will help you access your devices remotely and bring files to your phone.

    For this purpose, we have provided you with the best solutions that you can use to initiate the process of transferring files. This article has mentioned the top 7 file transfer applications and their key features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you reach an ultimate solution. So, let's delve straightforwardly into the comprehensive guide to find the best PC-to-Android file transfer software.

    Part 1. Top Benefits of Choosing an App for File Sharing from PC to Android

    Most people try to share files through built-in device features, but they are unreliable enough to sustain the transfer process. For this reason, they might need an app to transfer files that work well without complexity and interruptions. In this section, let’s explore more benefits of using secure file transfer applications for deeper insights. 

    • Cross-platform Compatibility: Utilizing apps for transferring files typically works seamlessly across various devices. For instance, you cannot share files from Mac to Android using Bluetooth and need a cross-platform compatible third-party application. 
    • Convenience and Speed: If you are annoyed by transferring large files slowly, you can use file transfer software from PC to Android to share large files within seconds. Such apps provide faster speed, and some even allow you to take advantage of remote access between devices without troubling your mind.
    • Versatility and Additional Features: The transfer process through the application isn’t limited to sharing pictures; you can also share documents, audio, and videos. Apart from versatility, you can attain other benefits from file-sharing apps, such as backup, collaborations, and communication.
    • Large File Support: File transfer apps tend to support larger file sizes for the transfer processes compared with built-in features of the operating system offering file-sharing capabilities. In other words, file-sharing apps don’t limit users on file size, type, format, and number of files for sharing across devices.

    Part 2. The 7 Best Software to Transfer Files from PC To Android

    In the realm of advanced technology, utilizing powerful tools for transferring files from PC to Android is a wise choice to consider. For your convenience, we have researched and reviewed the best software you can use immediately to streamline your file-transferring process. Find the suitable PC-to-Android file transfer app from the list below:

    1. Avica Remote Desktop

    If you have ever thought of transferring files from PC to Android wirelessly, then using the Avica remote desktop app is an incredible tool to consider. This remote desktop app can transfer files securely across devices through its comprehensive AES-256 encryption. With Avica, you can share files without worrying about file size limitations and streamline quick transfer due to parented protocols.

    Besides, you can use this file transfer software for PC to Android without any file format and quantity of file restrictions. Additionally, this remote app not only allows you to transfer files but also allows you to control your devices with diverse possibilities.


    Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web

    Key Features

    • Unattended Access: If no one is around the remote devices, but you want to perform an activity through the remote session, unattended access will help you.
    • Privacy Mode: Every person has a privacy concern during remote sessions. For this purpose, privacy mode will allow you to render and mute your screen and mic on remote devices, as people around them will not hear or view your on-screen activities.
    • Virtual Screen: This tool is also helpful when you are working on a project and want additional screens. For this, Avica provides a virtual screen feature to get multiple screens of your remote device so you can quickly finish working.


    • This file transfer app can also help you transfer files between Mac and Windows devices using drag-and-drop and copy-paste features.
    • Avica is one of the best remote desktop apps that supports up to 144 FPS on remote sessions and allows you to adjust as required.


    • Some of its cool remote features are only available in the Pro plan, not free but cost-friendly.

    You can easily download Avica software by clicking the button provided below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. For more detailed information regarding Avica App downloads, please visit the official Avica download page. It is important to note that Avica ensures the safety and virus-free nature of all products available on its official website or app store. Feel confident in downloading Avica from these trusted sources.

    Free Download

    2. Google Drive

    Google Drive is a popular cloud-based platform that also serves as a file transfer software for PC to Android and has a wide range of capabilities. You can share multiple files seamlessly with its built-in protections against malware and ransomware to minimize risk to your device. Additionally, you are not limited to transferring files because you can store them and collaborate on projects through them. 


    Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Web

    Key Features

    • This cloud service lets you store data and search it by name or content through a search bar.
    • It sends users notifications to remind them of an important ongoing activity or event so they skip what’s crucial to them.
    • Users can view their content without internet access and set permission settings to their folders for security reasons.


    • Google Drive supports all common and advanced formats of files, such as PDF, JPG, GIF, MOV, RTF, MD, DOC, etc.
    • This software allows users to use 15 GB of free cloud storage service to upload and store their data.


    • Users report slower speed and longer loading time when accessing files on Google Drive.

    3. Dropbox

    It is an efficient file transfer PC to Android software that allows you to access, share, and store files of any type without complexity. This cloud storage app offers a simple method to transfer files; you only need to drag and drop files onto Dropbox. With this tool, you can transfer up to 250GB of files to anyone by only sharing a link with recipients.


    Compatibility: iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, Web

    Key Features

    • Without any additional software installations, this service supports 175 file formats, which users can access offline.
    • Dropbox allows you to scan photos, IDs, and receipts using your mobile phone to transform them into clear PDFs.
    • This file transfer app lets you recover your deleted files and older versions of data through version history and file recovery processes.


    • Users can use password protection to transfer files, limiting others from removing, accessing, and editing files.
    • You can share links of folders with a built-in expiry limitation of 7 days to reduce the risk of data misuse.


    • Unlike other file transfer apps, Dropbox is quite expensive for individual use.

    4. SHAREit

    This advanced PC-to-mobile file transfer app allows you to transfer files between all types of devices, even when you don't have internet connectivity. Moreover, you can share files, including documents, videos, and photos, with 42MB per second high-efficiency capabilities. SHAREit is also famous for its security and privacy measures but requires you to locate both devices nearby for transfer. 


    Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

    Key Features

    • Apart from transferring files, this app provides a file manager on smartphones that can delete unnecessary files from your phone.
    • You can also use its Safebox feature to hide your personal and sensitive images or videos by setting a personalized password.
    • This file transfer app can also act as a downloader for videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


    • Users can share unlimited files between devices without any size and format restrictions.
    • SHAREit has the built-in capability to clean up your phone trash and boost your phone speed.


    • You may face interruption by ads on the free version while using the SHAREit app.

    5. Xender

    This file transfer app is specifically designed for users obsessed with speed transfers. Xender allows you to send or receive all types of files, including apps, folders, music, etc. Moreover, this file transfer software for PC to Android lets you convert video to audio hassle-free. Xender also supports 21+ languages, reducing the barriers of languages.


    Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

    Key Features

    • Using its mobile version, you can transfer files to up to 4 devices simultaneously via group-sharing features.
    • It has a fully featured music player that lets you listen to your system’s music without any other media player installations.
    • This file transfer app is available on almost all devices for file transfer without data usage and other service charges.


    • Its easy installation process allows every person to increase their productivity with no skill required.
    • This app does not require any mobile data to transfer files, which is helpful when you don't have internet connectivity.


    • Sometimes, this app shows delays while establishing a connection between devices, which makes it frustrating.

    6. Pushbullet

    Pushbullet is primarily an app that is used to receive notifications related to WhatsApp messages, make phone calls, and perform other communication tasks on a PC. In addition, you can use this app as file transfer software for PC to Android, which makes it a popular choice. This tool will establish a portal on your PC from which you can effortlessly transfer files to your phone. 


    Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox

    Key Features

    • This app provides Pushbullet Channels like Custom RSS, which allows you to get notifications on the phone.
    • It can also work as a communication platform, as users can send and receive text messages quickly.
    • While working on a computer, you can also copy and paste files, links, and text directly to your Android smartphone.


    • With this file transfer app, you can reply to your friends or family members on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Kik, etc.
    • You can also link multiple devices with one Pushbullet app to help you manage all your smartphones in one place.


    • Users have to buy the Pro plan of this file transfer app to shift files of more than 25MB.

    7. Chat App (LINE)

    This instant messaging app is mainly used to text and share stickers and emojis with your loved ones, but what if we use it for file-sharing? Yes, it can serve as a file transfer from PC to Android software. To do this, you only need to log in on a PC and drag and drop the file of a maximum of 1GB. Additionally, this app lets you preview files before sharing, which might help you share relevant files.


    Compatibility:  Smartwatches, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, SmartTV BOX

    Key Features

    • You can express yourself with countless stickers, emojis, and themes on the LINE app and make conversation engaging or funny.
    • This instant messaging app offers a letter-sealing feature to keep your conversations end-to-end encrypted, including call history, messages, and locations.
    • LINE provides you easy access to your contact list, birthdays, sticker shops, and various other content to make your interactions memorable with ease.


    • This advanced app also allows you to use a digital wallet, LINE Pay, to shop online and offline by adding money digitally.
    • You can also create groups and share files with multiple users simultaneously.


    • Some people may have faced the issue of slowing down the app with limited storage.

    Part 3. Avica File Transfer: A Comprehensive Tutorial for PC to Android

    Now that you have learned a lot about file transfer software for PC to Android. However, these apps only allow you to transfer files, but using Avica will provide you with countless possibilities. Using this amazing tool would be a great choice, so you can install Avica on your devices and follow this comprehensive stepwise guide to learn how it works.

    Free Download

    Step 1. Launch Avica and Copy the Avica ID Credentials from the PC

    To initiate the process, open the latest version of Avica on your PC and toggle the option of “Allow Remote Access to This Device via Credentials.” Later, note the “Avica ID” and “Password” and pick up your Android phone to build the file transfer connection. 


    Step 2. Enter Credentials on the Android to Start Transferring

    After accessing your Android device, proceed to the "Remote Connection" section and type the Avica ID you previously copied from your PC's Avica. Now, tap on the "Transfer Files" button to establish a connection by providing the password.


    Step 3. Download Files and Move Them to Your Phone Storage

    Hit the "Download Files" option from the next screen. Once you have reached the new screen, navigate to the folder where you have stored files on the PC. Then, choose the files and press the "Download" button. After downloading, you can move files to a specific folder in your phone storage and specific app. 


    Free Download


    In essence, you can transfer files from your PC to your Android phone with its built-in feature, but they are limited in some way. For this reason, we have mentioned file transfer software for PC to Android with their compatibility.

    Moreover, you can review apps’ features, benefits, and drawbacks to select the best app that satisfies your requirements. Among them, the Avica remote desktop app is leading in transferring files with diverse additional features and offers an easy-to-use method that anyone can follow to streamline productivity immediately.  

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