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    Blog5 Essential Approaches to Transfer Files from a Computer to an iPad

    5 Essential Approaches to Transfer Files from a Computer to an iPad

    Simon Brown • Jun 10, 2024
    Simon BrownJun 10, 2024
    8min read

    Due to the growing need for mobility and seamless access to information, transferring files from a computer to an iPad has become essential. iPads have a bigger display than smartphones and are easier to carry anywhere than a laptop. Students, educators, and other professionals transfer files onto iPads before traveling to get an uninterrupted working experience. 

    Although migrating data is necessary for many users, not everyone knows a reliable solution, even with technological advancements. Therefore, this article introduces various ways to transfer files from PC to iPad, which you need to review without further delay. 

    Part 1. Is There Any Way to Transfer Files from a Computer to an iPad? [Without iTunes] 

    Indeed, you can share files from your PC to your iPad without establishing a USB cable connection or an iTunes app. For this purpose, several wireless ways are available, such as the Avica remote desktop app, AirDrop, Email, iCloud, Cloud Services, and other third-party apps.

    However, some limit you from sending larger files, while others restrict you from migrating certain file formats. If you want to discover a solution without any limitations, you have to read the next part carefully to identify the one that is best for you at the end. 

    Part 2. The Fundamental List of 5 Solutions: How to Copy Files to an iPad from a PC?

    Imagine heading on vacation, which means you will be away from your office computer, but there is a chance you will get an emergency meeting call. To professionally deal with such a situation, you should walk through this section thoroughly and learn various ways to transfer files from a PC to an iPad.

    Solution 1. Using Avica Remote Desktop

    The first and foremost solution is Avica remote desktop software, which allows users to share files across all types of devices. It supports high-speed file transfer due to its patented protocol, which is 100 times faster than HTTP/FTP. Besides, it is popular for industry-standard security and comprehensive AES-256 end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of the remote sessions.

    Avica also eliminates the worry of operating system compatibility, as it is available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Web. Moreover, it doesn’t impose any limitations on file sharing and lets you migrate unlimited files of any size and format. You can easily transfer files between computers, and between computer and mobile devices.

    How Avica is a Top-Tier Solution: Features Beyond File Transfer 

    • Privacy Mode: If you have confidential files to share or display in the remote session for any reason, you can use privacy mode to strengthen security. It renders the PC’s screen black so others can’t see your on-screen activities, and you can ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive data.   
    • Remote Shutdown/Restart: There might be circumstances when you have to shut down or reboot your devices remotely. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can establish a remote session with Avica and utilize its remote shutdown and restart abilities.
    • Group Monitoring: Traditional work desk setups are no longer common in the corporate sector. Therefore, Avica offers group monitoring, which lets you monitor multiple remote devices on a primary computer so you can empower remote work setups.

    How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPad: A Stepwise Guide for Beginners 

    Avica remote desktop is a complete setup for remote communication and collaboration. If you want to learn how straightforward the operation is to transfer a file from a PC to an iPad, you can review the instructions below.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Set Up Avica on PC and Access its Credentials for Connection

    Run the Avica remote desktop toolbox on your PC and sign in with your credentials to access its intuitive interface. There, access the “This Device” section to activate the “Allow Remote Access to This Device Via Your Credentials” option. Later, move towards your iPad after noting the displayed credentials such as “Avica ID” and “Password.”


    Step 2: Use Avica ID and Password to Establish File Transfer Session

    Set up Avica on iPad and locate the text box given under the “Remote Connection” to insert the “Avica ID.” Once you enter the “Avica ID” obtained from the PC, press the "File Transfer" button and get a new screen. Add the password that you gained from Avica PC and press the "Confirm" button.


    Step 3: Download Files Stored on Your PC to Your iPad

    Now that the file transfer session is established, tap the "Download Files" option and remotely look for the folder where you have the required files on the computer. After accessing them, select them and use the "Download" button to transfer them to your iPad.


    Free Download

    Solution 2. Using Cloud Services

    Cloud services are essential on-demand resources over the internet, which can be imagined as rental resources from a giant digital warehouse. Let’s take Dropbox as an example and learn how to copy a file from a PC to an iPad using the following steps. However, remember that it works on a synchronization principle, meaning you must have a strong internet connection on both devices.

    Step 1: Sign into Dropbox on your PC and click the “Upload or Drop” button on the home screen. From the extended menu, choose the “File” option and explore data to upload on Dropbox by pressing the “Open” button.


    Step 2: After uploading files from your PC’s Dropbox, switch to the Dropbox on your iPad and log in with the same ID. Locate the earlier uploaded files and touch the “Three Dots” or “Options icon next to the files. Using it, access an extended menu to select the “Save to Device” option followed by the “Save to Files” option.


    Solution 3. Via iCloud

    Apple introduced iCloud.com, a web-based portal for accessing and managing iCloud data anywhere, even on your PC, with two-factor authentication and security. It also works with synchronization, and if you need to learn how to transfer files to an iPad from a computer, look into the next steps. Although it's a secure approach, you cannot migrate or synchronize files when you run out of iCloud storage.

    Step 1: Access iCloud.com on your PC using your preferred web browser and log in with your iPad’s Apple ID. Then, search for the “iCloud Drive” widget and click on it to enter the next screen.


    Step 2: Hit the “Upload” icon at the top of the screen and upload the files from your computer. After uploading the files, they will be synced in iCloud, and you can access them on your iPad using the Files app.


    Solution 4. With AirDrop on Mac 

    Apple offers a built-in feature for sharing files, images, and videos with other devices within 30 feet. To utilize this option, you must enable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirDrop for Everyone on both devices and then follow the guide below. Remember that this feature is native to Apple devices, and you cannot transfer files from a PC to an iPad.  

    Step 1: Turn on AirDrop from your iPad and Mac while keeping them within 30 feet. Following that, select the files you wish to share with the iPad and right-click on them from your macOS. Next, press the “AirDrop” option after tapping the “Share” option from the list.


    Step 2: Upon tapping AirDrop, you will get a new dialog box with a list of available Apple devices that are ready to receive. Choose your iPad from your Mac, switch to the iPad, and hit the "Accept" button from your iPad to finish the file migration process.


    Solution 5. Using Email

    One of the typical approaches to transferring files from a computer to an iPad is email, especially Gmail, which comes within Google Workspace. However, it's not preferable as it cannot share files exceeding 25MB, and you are asked to upload it to Google Drive when the limit is exceeded. Anyways, go through the following instructions to understand how this approach works: 

    Step 1: Set up your Gmail account on your computer and click the “Compose” button from the main interface. Next, insert the required information and hit the “Attachment” icon at the bottom to add files. When all the chosen files are ready to share via Gmail, tap the “Send” button.  


    Step 2: Switch to your iPad’s Gmail account and locate the file sent earlier in your draft or received email section. Open the file in the email and press the “Share” icon at the top-right corner to choose the “Save to Files” option afterward.


    Part 3. Which Solution for File Transfer Should I Rely On and Why? 

    Now that you know various methods to resolve the "How to copy files to iPad from PC" concern, let's infer which is the best. For this purpose, you must first keep your needs and goals in mind, as different approaches best suit different scenarios. Likewise, cloud services and iCloud.com work in synchronization principles that seem easy but become challenging when the file size is large.

    On the contrary, AirDrop appears to be a faster solution, but it is useless when neither device is nearby or if one of the devices is not from Apple. You can also face file size limits and slow transfer problems if you transfer files using email.

    Ultimately, the Avica remote desktop proves a faster, easiest, and secure solution where the device’s physical location doesn’t matter. This PC-to-iPad file transfer toolbox also doesn't restrict you with the file size limits.


    This article covered almost all reliable solutions to resolve your query “How to transfer a file from a computer to an iPad.” In the end, a comparative analysis was also conducted to help you understand which approach best suits your needs. Hence, it has been proved that Avica remote desktop software is the ultimate solution for migrating data and collaborating on projects remotely, enhancing remote setup experiences. 

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