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    BlogHow to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer? 6 Solutions You Must Know

    How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer? 6 Solutions You Must Know

    Simon Brown • Jun 4, 2024
    Simon BrownJun 4, 2024
    8min read

    In the realm of mobile photography, the iPad has established itself as a powerful device because of its range of features compared with other smartphones. It has been proven a compelling choice for amateur and professional photographers, but problems occur when they both fail to organize the captured photos. 

    Besides, iPads quickly run out of storage due to the high-resolution nature of modern photos, which also frustrates users. Considering such challenges, this article brings solutions by showing how to transfer pics from iPad to computer. Whether you need to manage the iPad storage or create a backup of precious moments, consult this guide and learn workable ways to transfer photos from iPad to PC.    

    Part 1. Is It Possible to Transfer Pictures from iPad to Desktop [Windows & Mac]?

    The short answer is yes; you can share your complete photo gallery on your iPad with your computer. For this purpose, a plethora of options exist that you can choose from based on your operating system and technical expertise. If you are a professional looking to collaborate on images or do advanced editing, you need a solution that is more than just an image transfer.

    Conversely, if you have both devices at the same place and need a backup, you can establish a USB connection and utilize the most straightforward ways. Thus, depending on your preferences and needs, various wireless and wired methods are available to address your “how to transfer photos from iPad to computer” query.

    Part 2. 6 Quick and Essential Solutions to Transfer Pictures from iPad to Computer

    Transferring photos from an iPad to a computer facilitates advanced editing, as some software is designed to run on computers. Therefore, if you need to learn easier sharing approaches, you can review the methods below demonstrating how to export pictures from an iPad to a computer.  

    Solution 1. Using Avica Remote Desktop (Windows &Mac)

    The first approach you should try to share images from an iPad with a computer is Avica remote desktop software. It's a remote desktop software that lets you access and control the connected devices regardless of location. If you are concerned about the security of the remote connection, remember that Avica provides end-to-end comprehensive AES-256 encryption.

    Additionally, it features a patented protocol for high-speed file transfer, which is 100 times faster than HTTP/FTP. Using Avica, you can share an unlimited number of images, files, and videos of any format without limiting file size. Moreover, this software is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android, so you can transfer photos across computers, and across mobile and computer, regardless of operating system.

    Key Features That Make Avica an Outstanding Solution 

    • Digitizer: Avica is more than just an image transferrer because it offers an external graphic tablet that increases the remote responsiveness to pressure and level. This feature allows you to smoothly perform heavier tasks in the remote session, such as video or image editing.
    • Multi-Monitor Display: If you need to perform something other than image sharing, there is a multi-to-multi monitor option. It lets users view and work on multiple monitors of their local devices and increases productivity, especially when collaborating with teammates in session.
    • Device List Management: On Avica, you can add unlimited devices to build remote connections and create a group to manage them effectively. Despite that, you can get unattended access to a remote device even when no one is near the remote connection.

    The Easiest Approach to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer

    As discussed earlier, Avica is more than just an image transferrer; it lets you streamline your remote work. Its intuitive interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly for everyone, even those without any idea about remote desktops. Let us show you how to transfer iPad pictures to a PC or Mac, which is as simple as capturing an image.

    Feel free to download Avica software by clicking the button below or download Avica mobile app from Google Play and App Store. If you're seeking additional information about Avica product downloads, you can visit the Avica download page. Rest assured, Avica guarantees the safety and virus-free nature of all products obtained from the official website or app store.

    Free Download

    Step 1: Get Avica and Enable Remote Access from Computer 

    Download the latest version of Avica on your iPad and computer, whether it's a Windows PC or Mac. Upon launching it on your computer, toggle the “Allow Remote Access to This Device Via Your Credentials” option from the home screen. Copy the displayed credentials, such as “Avica ID” and “Password,” to establish a connection with the iPad. 


    Step 2: Establish a File Transfer Connection Using Credentials

    Open the Avica app on your iPad and go to the text box of the “Remote Connection” section to enter the “Avica ID.” After adding it, hit the “File Transfer” button and see a pop-up requesting the password. Enter the password obtained earlier and tap the “Confirm” button to choose the “Send Files” feature on the next screen.


    Step 3: Use the Send Files Option to Choose Images from iPad

    Once you tap the “Send Files” feature, you will be directed to your iPad’s Photo gallery after selecting the “Photos” option. Here, pick the images you wish to share with the computer and press the “Add” option at the top-right corner. Then, you need to locate a folder on your computer where you wish to save the selected pictures. When you pick the location, use the “Send” button, and the image will be transferred to your chosen location on the computer.


    Free Download

    Solution 2. Using Cloud Services

    Cloud services are common storage houses that keep the data secure for as long as you want. They are famous for their cross-compatibilities, and some well-known cloud services include Google Drive from Google Workspace. If you want to learn how to transfer photos from an iPad to a computer through Google Drive, you can follow these steps:

    Step 1: Access the Google Drive app on your iPad, sign in with your credentials, and tap the "+(Add)" icon on its main interface. Next, press the "Upload File" option from the extended list, followed by the "Photos and Videos" option. Afterward, pick images you want to share with PC and hit the "Upload" option at the top-right corner. 


    Step 2: Locate the folder on your computer’s Google Drive where you have uploaded the images from your iPad. Select the pictures, right-click on them, and tap the “Download” option from the list. This will migrate the pictures to your computer’s Downloads folder, and you can use them as desired.


    Solution 3. Via File Explorer or Finder

    In Windows PCs, File Explorer has primary control over images, videos, and documents on the system, whereas Finder does the same function in MacBooks. Notably, one can utilize File Explorer of Windows to resolve the “How to transfer photos from iPad to desktop” query.

    However, Finder cannot assist you as the Apple restrictions don’t allow you to import photos from the Photos app of iPad to Mac. To discover the stepwise operations of File Explorer for moving images from iPad to PC, you can review the below instructions:

    Instructions: Connect the iPad to your Windows PC using an Apple-certified USB cable, keeping the iPad unlocked during the process. Open the File Explorer, click "This PC" from the left side panel, and hit the "Apple iPad" folder to continue. Then, choose "Internal Storage" and access a folder with images to share through copy-pasting.


    Solution 4. Via Photos App on Windows

    Photos App is a built-in photo manager for Windows computers that empowers a rich media experience. It lets users perform basic editing such as cropping, markup, and retouching while making their slideshow for viewing. Apart from that, it allows you to move photos from iPad to PC, but you need to establish a USB cable connection, as discussed below:

    Step 1: Use an MFi-certified USB cable to connect the iPad to a Windows computer and run the Photos app on a PC. Locate the "Import" button at the top and choose the "Apple iPad" option after expanding it.


    Step 2: Later, wait until the data on your iPad gets loaded and clearly display the images or videos. When the loading completes, select the images you want to share on PC and hit the “Add X Items” button at the top-right side.


    Step 3: From the pop-up menu displayed next, create a new folder to save the images on your PC by tapping the "Create a Folder" button. Finally, press the "Import" button, and your images will be migrated to the PC.


    Solution 5. Using AutoPlay on Windows

    AutoPlay is a feature in Windows that allows it to automatically perform an action when a removable device such as a USB is connected. This feature can help you access the “File Explorer” via the “Open Device to View Files” option, which can facilitate photo transferring, as described above.

    Furthermore, AutoPlay provides an "Import Photos and Videos" option to migrate images through the Photos App on your PC. Hence, both options let you share images by navigating to the Photos app and File Explorer on your PC.


    Solution 6. Via Photos App on Mac

    The Photos app keeps your photos and videos safe on Apple devices and is considered the easiest way to transfer Photos from iPad to Mac. To learn this approach, you can go through the steps demonstrated below, but before you begin, remember that you need an Apple-certified USB cable for a wired connection.

    Step 1: Get an Apple-certified USB cable to connect your Mac to your iPad and open the Photos app afterward. Once you connect the devices and launch the app, an import screen will automatically come to process image transfer.

    Step 2: Now, select images manually and hit the “Import Selected” button to share them with the MacBook. Optionally, you can click the “Import All New Photos” button from the top-right side to move all new images to Mac.


    Part 3. What is the Most Preferrable Approach to Transfer Pictures from iPad to PC? 

    After learning all approaches to resolve the problem of "How to transfer pictures from iPad to desktop," it's time to rush into nominating the top-tier one. If you are concerned about security and speed, we will nominate Avica remote desktop app. Meanwhile, most people prefer File Explorer and the Photos App when they need to create a backup of iPad photos on a computer.

    Here, they don’t know that Avica can more quickly transfer unlimited images without a cable connection. Besides, people use lengthy procedures of image migration such as Google Drive as they are unaware that Avica can share images when no one is around the recipient device. Thus, with logical discussion and evidence, the Avica remote desktop emerges as a winner for optimizing image transfer between devices.


    Let's conclude the discussion by noting that you can transfer photos from iPad to PC, and several wireless and wired approaches support the process. The comparative discussion in this article revealed that Avica remote desktop software is the ultimate solution to sharing data across devices. Henceforth, try this software to access the device remotely and seamlessly collaborate while eliminating physical distances.

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